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Need a good cheap spring break

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Hey, I am in need of a cheap ski vacation for a few people over spring break. We're in NH, but might be willing to drive out west if cheap enough. Any killer deals out there? I've searched around but haven't found much. It would be for the week of March 15-20.
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The cheapest is probably the New Mexico ski sampler. You get to ski 2 times at each of the ski areas in the state for $225. If you and a friend use the sampler on the same days, you could get eight days of skiing in for $112.50 each. I did it two years ago that same week you are talking about and I thought it was a real steal. New Mexico has some great skiing, and at those prices they are giving it away. ...I stayed in hostels while I was there and found it quite acceptable. Check out and see for yourself.

The snow is pretty good this year, and your dates are the latest I would go; and the best chance of a good snow base.

Good Luck!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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i agree with the hostel idea. if you want cheap ski trips, hostels can't be beat! there are severel hostels in VT and NH that offer a bed and warm shower for $15-$25 a night. doing this you could tag a variety of areas in VT and NH for about $300 for a week tops (unless you want to ski places like stowe, stratton, or K, then it might cost ya a bit more - but i'm assuming you want cheap, so i'd recommend magic, MRG, burke, black, cannon two fers, etc). if jay peak is your thing, check out granpa grunts which i think was $20-25 a night (that place has a very "college" atmosphere). there are hostels close to most major ski centers in new england (killington, ludlow, conway, gorham, stowe, WRJ, etc).
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