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Demoing ski's in Aspen

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I asked this before but, I will be in Aspen next week and want to demo slalom ski's. I was recomended to go to Gorsuch at Ajax mountain but i called there and they demo Atomic 9.16 and 9.12 but dont offer anything from Head or Fischer. Is there any place close buy as i wont have a car that i could demo Atomic, Fischer and Head shorty slalom ski's in Aspen.

One other question, as i have never been out west sking i want to try some off Piste sking with my Mod X ski's. Which mountain is best for off piste and is it accessable by lift?
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try Incline, Pomeroy, McDonough's, Performance Ski Shop. They are all downtown. Everything in town is a short walk or a free bus ride away.
have fun.
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Aspen (Ajax Mt.) has enough steeps and glades to explore for much longer than a week. All you need is a lift ticket and adrenaline! If you don't like Ajax, try the backside of Snowmass for extreme in bounds terrain.

I don't understand why you would spend premium $$ to demo skis in Aspen. Unless you plan to apply the demo cost to a purchase (at Aspen premium retail prices) there, don't waste your $$ on demos. Dance with the skis that brought you to one of the best ski hills on the continent.

If you live near Buffalo, go to Canada and demo some skis at a place like Blue Mt. (near Toronto). Then apply the demo cost and buy your new skis with the Canadian dollar discount. I bought new skis in CN$ this year and saved US$300.

After you try a good pair of Rossignol's, you will buy them I bet. Then visit the aspen glades of Aspen for skiing heaven.
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