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SLC & Olympics

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I expect a company bonus in early 2002 (they beter fork it over!) and would like to take some of it and drive to SLC from Denver, stay in a cheap motel and hit Alta and other areas during mon-friday. I wonder though how the Olympics are going to affect prices and availability of lodging. I've heard stories of tenants being booted from apartments so landlords can rent them to Olympics attendees for inflated amounts. Should I wait till the Games are over...I'm not even sure when they begin...

What is up? Any advice from the locals would be great.
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The Oly games start in mid Feb. but the rat race is well under way. A lot of local stuff in SLC is booked for a large part of Jan. and almost totally booked in Feb. The media, security, people and SLOC and IOC administration is in SLC well before the games filling hotels and renting apts. And yes there is some serious price gouging going on. Good thing about Alta is that there are no events in LCC. You may want to think about March. March is great at Alta - possibly better than Feb. You may be able to get some post Olympic deals. And you did not hear this from me -- but some of the best and deepest powder skiing at Alta for the past two years has been in April. There are some sweet deals (meals included) at some of the few Alta places to stay in April.
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Interesting you say that.
The April secret also applies to the Alps.
Find a resort with loads of skiing above 2000 metres - not necessarily a resort located at 2000 metres, you just need an efficient lift to the snowline - and you can enjoy sensational skiing with virtually no-one around.
In Europe, skiers vanish a few days after the Easter public holidays.
They're all mad.
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I don't know, last April Alta receieved just a little bit of snow and it was so awful that I had to head back two more times...and as for the Olympics, who wants to deal with all those excited people having all those parties and stuff!
If I were you I'd head for the Alps and away from all those people and the crummy Utah powder.
Just my 2 cents
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Alps it is!

Actually, I was cruising the web looking at the Arlburg region after seeing a show on it on OLN and it looked great.
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