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Vail Trip-All Set

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Well, I 've finalized most of our plans for our trip to Vail from 4/3-10. We're flying into Denver on the afternoon of 4/2 and staying overnight nearby. On Sat. 4/3 we're going to ski either Eldora or Loveland, and then drive to Vail later that day since we can't check into the condo until after 4pm. We've purchased a 5 day Vail ticket package that will allow us to ski Vail, BC, Breck, A-Basin, and Keystone, so we should get plenty of good skiing.

Does anybody have any suggestions for non-skiing events that fall into the "can't miss" category? This is particularly important to the wife who is a newbie skier and I doubt will want to do the all day, every day ski thing like the kids and I.

Any restaurant/after hour suggestions would also be appreciated.

BTW, we're more than just a little excited about finally getting out that way. The people who work for me are starting to debate who's going to be in-charge during my absence, since they're sure I'll never come back east again. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Ditch the Eldora option and go straight to Loveland. April 3 is just too late to expect Eldora to have reasonable conditions, unless there has been a real big storm just come by. When you leave Loveland, opt to take the old pass road up by Arapahoe Basin. It will give you a good idea of how good the best conditions in the area are, so you can make good ski day decisions once you get to Vail and see what their conditions are like. It is also a really pretty drive up near 'the top of the world'.

I'm sure I speak for everyone here in wishing you the very best of conditions for that week, but you are playing the weather odds a bit on the risky side, so you might want to be looking at these alternative sites if they should be needed.

Hope you have a terrific trip!
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Coach, here are some can't misses for a family trip.

1. Tubing at Adventure Ridge.

2. Depending on the age of your kids, and if your kids are into this sort of thing, the indoor pool at the Avon Recreation Center. It has a huge indoor water slide that's a blast.

3. Ride the Gondola up at night your first night in Vail.

4. Apres ski (with the kids) on the deck at Los Amigos and then head to the Red Lion for Dinner. (Although the dinner at Los Amigos is very good and reasonably priced.) The food at the Red Lion is very good, but not great. You just have to go to experience the apres ski atmosphere.

5. Ski Blue Sky Basin. Get there early in the day.

Here are some fun, but non-essential:

Snowmobiling trip. Try Nova Guides (they have a web site) Look at the two hour tigiwon tour.

For the wife: If your wife wants to try skiing but has hesitations, I can give you the name of a great instructor. Other than that, shopping in Vail and Beaver Creek is a blast, just don't let her buy anything.

For Restaurants: Los Amigos, Bully Ranch, Red Lion, Pepi's Antler Room, Minturn Country Club.

PM me if you have any questions. If you want, I'll send you back my phone number (since I'm just down the street from you so to speak) so you can ask any questions.

Have a blast.

P.S., On the "bummer side" Meadow Mountain is now closed for sledding. Apparently, some people were injured and started suing the government. :
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Where are you staying the night when you get in? Also, what do you like/dislike food-wise? You can find some decent eats in the Denver area.

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Take the time to drink lots of the world class micro brews available there! It's like a beer drinker's heaven. If you get time, swing by the Breckenridge Brewery in Breck for some fresh stuff on tap. Don't leave CO without trying Fat Tire [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Want a killer burrito as big as your head? Chipotle's on Evans between Colorado and Broadway in Denver. mmmmm, I miss that place. The Carnitas rule.
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Originally posted by ne11anad:
Where are you staying the night when you get in? Also, what do you like/dislike food-wise? You can find some decent eats in the Denver area.

This is the one thing not finalized yet. Probably a Marriott so I can use points. Any Marriotts near Loveland?

BTW, the wife love the area out there and has been out there on business many times. We'll probably do a little real estate hunting in the mountains while we're in the area.
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This is the one thing not finalized yet. Probably a Marriott so I can use points. Any Marriotts near Loveland?
Glad you can make it out this way. If you come to Loveland from sea level, please, only do a half day skiing. The base area is at 11,000 feet and goes up to nearly 13K. You will notice the altitude. Drink plenty of water too.

Loveland is a day-ski area, so we don't have slopeside lodging. You can however find accomodations on the other side of the tunnel in Summit County - about 12 miles away. The Loveland Ski Area website gives some lodging ideas at You can also find a discount lift ticket coupon there and other places locally where you can pick them up.

Have fun
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Well, Loveland is about an hour from Denver. There are a couple Marriot-run places I drive by everyday over off 6th avenue at Indiana. I think one's a Courtyard and the other's a Fairfield Inn. They're right next door to each other. These would put you in a good location to hit Loveland the morning after you arrive as the location of these two places is on the west side of town, right near the start of the mountains. If you're looking at a map, Colfax, 6th, and I-70 all meet right around here, just east of Golden. You're probably 20 minutes to downtown and probably about 45 minutes to Loveland depending on the weather. Plus, as long as you're not arriving on a Sunday, you can hit Applejack's liquor store for cheap wine, beer, and booze. It's located on Youngfield St., not too far from these hotels.

You can find Chipotle places everywhere. There's one on Union, south of 6th. They're basically fast-food burrito joints. Even though owned by McDonalds they offer good, quick food.

Your wife probably already knows about the LoDo district. There are plenty of places down there to eat. If you like sushi, there's a little place called Sushi Han, just south of 16th on Lawrence. It's easy to miss because it's so small but they offer the best sushi in Denver.

Further up into the hills, there's a decent bar in Georgetown called the Red Ram. You can freak your kids out with the Rocky Mountain Oysters that are always on the specials menu. Cafe Prague, also in Georgetown, has good Euro-food. Georgetown is about 15-30 minutes to Loveland.

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The Chipotle on Evans is owned by Crackdonald's too? I thought that was the original, family owned one? Chipotle's are popping up around here too and they are a far cry from the plywood furnished little hole in the wall on Evans near DU.
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I can't say about the one on Evans. I've never actually been there. I know the chain started here in Denver so I'm sure you're right that that one's the original. I'm also sure Ronald McDonald owns the name now. A friend is a consultant that did some work for McD HQ in Chicago when they purchased Chipotle. What a shame. I like the food at the one near my place but I'm still waiting for the quality to decline when they McDs decides to put cost savings ahead of food quality as they're bound to do...
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I hope they didn't mess with the original on Evans. That place is awesome (the chains that popped up around Denver are no good in comparison), in fact at lunch time there is a line out the door and down the street of people waiting for food. You gotta get there early.
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