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Lake Tahoe Area Lodging

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A friend and I are making a trip out to South Lake Tahoe the last week of February. With the discount tickets available at Albertson's (which I didn't know about) it would be cheaper for us to stay at one of the cheap motels instead of the package we currently have (which I can still cancel.)
Any suggestions on which motels in South Lake Tahoe (or that area since we will have a car driving down from Reno) are the better of the cheap ones? We're trying to do this trip as inexpensive as possible without sleeping in a rathole.

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stay north lake....its further away from those nasty casino things and closer to Squaw, Alpine, Sugar Bowl and Nth Star.

Tahoe City Inn is normally the cheapest hotel that is centraly located.
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Can't offer any advice because I too am looking for lodging in South Lake Tahoe. We are already doing a several days in North Tahoe and are heading south to ski Heavenly. Can you explain this Albertson's discount you are talking about? We haven't committed to anything yet.
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Dan D.,
Someone mentioned in another post that if you stop by a local Albertson's grocery store there in Tahoe they have discount tickets or coupons for Heavenly. Instead of paying $57 normal price it's only $46 for a lift ticket.
I've never been out there before, so I don't know this to be fact.

EDIT: Actually, I just saw another post that said Albertsons doesn't have them in the Tahoe area, but have them in the bay area stores. You might want to follow the post titled: "Advice needed for Lake Tahoe ski trip" in this forum. That's where they are talking about it.


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It's not the Ritz, but I have stayed at this motel a quite a few times. The owners are really nice. It's very clean and certainly does the job. They have a full-out continental breakfast that you can totally fill-up on before skiing and an afternoon "tea" which is really post-skiing munchies. It's right off the main motel "drag" and if I recall correctly, they even have a hot tub. Rates are pretty cheap and if you are staying longer than the weekend, you can probably negotiate something with them. It's also close to the south shore night life (bars and casinos and such)

the website address is...

Have fun and be sure to get to Kirkwood, I think it's WAY better than Heavenly (although Heavenly's view alone is worth trip!)
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There are a ton of lil strip type motels in South Tahoe. Most of them have deals (especially midweek) where you pay a set price per person for a room plus a lift ticket to the area of your choice. It's like $75 a night per person but that includes your lift ticket and even a cheesy continental b-fast at some places so it works out to be pretty inexpensive. When I go to South Tahoe, I don't even make reservations. I just go to those motels until I find the best deal. I've NEVER had a problem getting in there. Cleansiness has never been an issue either, I've been more than satisified with the quality of the rooms.

There's also a Motel 6 in So Tahoe that's pretty reasonable.
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The Albertsons discount is avail at almost all non tahoe area Albertsons. I think there is one in Cameron Park, Just before you hit the climb into tahoe, Before Placerville.
My friends stopped there last time to pick up their tickets.

Kirkwood, if you live near an REI, you can get discount tickets. Also if you are near San Mateo, Helm of Sunvalley in SM has discount tickets. I think they have them for northstar and sierra as well.

Your local REI has discount tickets for members and the tickets avail seem to vary from store to store.

Sugarbowl tues-wed-thurs is 35.00 if you purchase on a Visa card. Otherwise if you get to a McDonalds in Sacramento or SF area you can pick up $5.00 off coupons.. Also Sugarbowl offers kids tickets for 12.00 if they ski with a helmet and for new skiers or first few times, Sugarbowl's fast track prog is a bargin. 70.00 includes all day rentals, all day lifts and a 2 hour lesson with max of 5 students per lesson. If you purchase a second trip through the fast track program, it's 50.00. This goes for boarders as well!
Kids programs are great too. Summit adventure camp is 70.00 all day, which includes, lifts, lessons and lunch!
I think Sugar bears (also 70.00) includes licensed daycare, lifts lessons, equipment, and meals as well.
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