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Heading to Heavenly - Where else should I go?

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I'm going to be in Tahoe for a week staying by the gondola up to Heavenly.

I'm probably going to ski two days somewhere else.

I'm pretty certain I'm going to try Kirkwood one day, but looking for info on where to go the other.

Squaw Valley, Northstar, Sierra at Tahoe, etc. - Which one would you recommend (I'm from Dallas, get to ski about ten days a year - pretty good as far as skiers from Dallas go (not saying much there) and have never been to Tahoe).

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I would encourage you to consider Squaw. I really enjoyed sking it last year. I will be going down to Heavenly in mid Feb. staying at Heavenly, but I definitely plan on driving up to Squaw for at least one day.
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You will LOVE Kirkwood. Its only negative is the location in the middle of no where. Definitely worth the drive in our opinion.

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my first suggestion would be to not go to heavenly...instead hit kirkwood, man, it is soooooo much better! and maybe, for the great number of long intermediate runs, hit northstar as well. jsut a matter of preference, i am not a heavenly fan, and i have grown up in the area. alpine is great as well.
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Kirkwood's my favorite.

However, if you go to Squaw (which I also enjoyed), a neat way to get there from South Lake Tahoe is to take the boat across the lake. You get a breakfast buffet on the way over, then they bus you over to the resort (just a short drive) when they get to the north side of the lake. On the way back, they have a bar and a band, and you can buy appetizers or dinner. Definitely a fun day! (I don't remember the name of the boat - Tahoe Queen maybe? But I'm sure if you search the web or talk to your hotel, they'll know about it.)
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Add me to the Kirkwood and Squaw fans. Unless you prefer intermediate groomers or if there's fresh in the trees, Kirkwood and Squaw blow Heavenly away. I'd also suggest hitting Squaw on a weekday if possible, parking in the far east lot, and skiing your way from that end of the mountain to the other. Lunch at High Camp, and then back the other way again. Ahhh, what a day.

If you have a rental car and the road is open, you can drive around the west shore to Squaw through Emerald Bay. Amazing views; something you won't want to miss.

Get a pie at Tahoe Pizza Company for me, best pizza on the South Shore.

Enjoy your trip!
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I love Heavenly!!! Best tree riding (I snowboard) in all of Tahoe. The 2nd best resort up there in my book is Alpine Meadows and then Sierra at Tahoe....I actually like every place up there and would go to any of them with the exception of Diamond Peak.

I guess it all depends on what you're after...I like Heavenly and Sierra for trees, Alpine Meadows for backcountry when I want to take a hike, Squaw for the knarly stuff. All of them have plenty of blue groomers if that's what you're after.
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K2 has it right.

I'm leaving next week for a week at Squaw, stretching the budget for a slopeside condo, and will still probably make the drive around the lake for a day in Heavenly's trees. If you're lucky it will be fresh, but don't think it has to be: I spent three days there last month hooting like a teenager in crud. Every Tahoe resort has its unique charms. If you like trees, Heavenly will not disappoint.

The original question, though, was where to go from Heavenly for one day elsewhere. Kirkwood, Alpine, Squaw are all good choices for the reasons offered above. Northstar is also a great place, mostly for its trees. If that's your thing, Northstar might be just right. If you want to go someplace where the best offering is very different from Heavenly's, Northstar's probably not it.

Hard to go wrong. Enjoy.
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