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Which boots ? Atomic beta ride 10.50 or 9.50?

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Thank you for your recent help concerning Atomic race 9.12 skis, 160cm.(Dec 14 posting, this section) I bought some - new, with 412 race bindings, for $502 total from 1-866-SKIDEAL in Calgary, Canada!
I now ask: which boots - Atomic Ride 10.50 or 9.50. I will not be racing, but instead - lots of short turns all over the mountain, including moguls.
I am 160 lb and 5'9" tall. Once again, I rely upon your kind advice in regard to this boot question.
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Can't help other than to say the 10.5 look like Sex in Boots - wish I could have got a pair but my feet are to fat - you thinkinking of the carobon or titanium version?
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There are a _ton_ of emails about just this comparo, one started by me last year IIRC. Just do a search on 10.50.

Oh, whopos, realized your talking about 10.50 BeateRide, not 10.50 BetaRace. I'm assuming much of the same applies, but I dunno for sure. The 10.50 Race works just great for me as an all mountain boot, including deep and bumps.

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If the boot fits - wear it! Atomic makes a good boot, but why Atomic only? Have you checked to see if your foot matches the shells better on other makes? Are you using a boot fitter or are you going off test reports and the looks?

Unless they changed it this year, if you do get ATomics keep the adjustment screw on the back tight that has the little rings in it. A friend of mine lost his last year and ahad to get replacements.
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Both boots are mostly the same, only the 9.50 is softer than the 10.50. Differences are:
9 has a Macralon Stabizer, the 10 has Carbon
10 has built in Recco transmitter, 9 doesn't
10 has Alu buckles, 9 has Macralon

Same liner, same fit, same canting and forward lean.

For your weight and height, go with the 9.50. The territory sales manager (who fits your physical description) had the Race 10.50 (basically the same as the Ride 10.50) last season and had to cut the shell to soften it up. He got the 9.50 this year and it works perfectly for him.

I use the Race 2000 model, which on the same stiffness scale from 1 to 10 as the rest of the Atomic line, is about a 18.
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FOr the record, the 10.50s are not too stiff for me, but I have 2" and (at least) 20lbs additional.
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I ski on the 9.50 rides and love them. I am 5'10 and 160 lbs, and don't feel I need anything stiffer. If you are skiing bumps a bunch, I think you will appreciate the slightly softer forward flex.
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