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I am going skiing next weekend. The only open resorts in tahoe are squaw alpine and heavenly, and i think squaw has only 2 lifts running or something. that's why im thinking of heading to mammoth, since i've never been there. what's the fastest way to drive there from the bay area?
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FInd your way to Highway 88, (Dumbarton to 680 to 242 to 4 to 12 look at a map)

Then, either go over Monitor pass if it is open ( 89 through Markleeville) or stay on 88 and cut over to 395 in Gardnerville, Nevada.

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how long does that trip take?
I was hoping i could somehow cut across the central valley instead of going to tahoe first.
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Take Hwy 50 east from Stockton into South Tahoe. Hang a right at the Kingsbury Grade road (just past the casinos). This will take you to the 395 per chien de neige. Go south from there.

There are other trans-Sierra roads, but these should still be closed. Anyway, they are long drives.

Even if Monitor Pass is open, the drive along the 88 will take longer than going 50. Bon voyage!
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