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Hello, first time poster here.

My family is thinking of going to Alta next March. Two questions:

1. One of our kids (who can generally do blues) is a little skiddish on the slopes, so I worry a little about the legendary Alta powder. Is enough grooming done to enable a somewhat nervous nellie to enjoy a week there?

2. Any suggestions on where to stay? We prefer ski in/ski out ('cause its so much easier with kids), but I also prefer to stay out of the bankruptcy courts. What are best options?

Thanks very much!
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1. Yes, anybody comfortable on intermediate slopes will be fine at Alta. They do groom some of the powder, but sometimes its tough to keep up with. But a few inches ontop of groomers is a lot of fun for intermediates, and a great way to be introduced to the joy of powder skiing.

2. From what I hear on the lifts from tourists, the place to be is the Rustler. Kind of an old world style place, with common rooms and the such. Check Alta's webpage for further info or more options, as I am not sure of prices.

Welcome to the board, and enjoy your trip.
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I travel to SLC many times per year with friends and family. Stay down in Midvale at the La Quinta for about $45 (last year - front desk told me to walk over to the McDonalds next door to get a coupon for $10 off the room - major props to them). They have a killer indoor pool, Jacuzzi, and showerheads that flow like Niagra Falls. Did I mention free breakfast and cable? The city bus system is at your doorstep as is the metrorail to go downtown. I-15 and 7200 South

You are walking distance to a brewpub and ski rentals. On top of that, there are discount lift tickets at ski shops and grocery stores.

Alta has terrain for everyone - blue slopes inclusive.
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Thanks for your replies. We called the Rustler---they are very expensive (several hundred a night); the Alta Lodge is a little less, but still high. So we'll keep looking.

The mountain sounds great, though, so I hope something works out.

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Like the previous reply, I stay downtown now...but I did stay at the Goldminer's Daughter many moons ago and it was very affordable. It wasn't fancy, but we were too tired after skiing at altitude do enjoy anything fancy anyway.

Hope your 1st trip there is like mine was; 4 days of snow followed by a poster day with waist deep legendary fluff. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Best of luck!

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