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How's Loon (in general and right now)

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Thinking of doing a season pass there because it's pretty reasonable. But I can't remember the last time I skied there and just have vague memories that it's a relatively big for NH, has a Gondola and lots of condos. The pass would also be good at Waterville and Cannon, but I can't remember squat about them either.
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i think that pass is for loon, waterville, and cranmore, not cannon... unless i am mistaken. if it includes cannon, it's worth it hands down.

regarding loon, loon is a pretty solid mountain overall. they have some fun expert runs (but they are not too tough). their squares are great for straight a head cruisers. unfortunately, for both waterville and loon, being the biggest ski areas closest to the boston metro, they have HUGE crowds on the weekend. to the point that despite my liking the expert terrain area, i will only go mid-week.

also, stay away from the gondola when you go, that's the worst. it's a long lift that's fairly slow (for a high speed lift) and is always crowded. it's best to ski loon as right side/left side. use the high speed quad for the right side and the double and the triple to access the expert skiing and the rest of the upper mountain.

i'd recommend you visit loon on a weekend before investing in a pass.

currently, loon has about 50% open, only 1 diamond. most of their greens and blues are open. i got that info from their web page, i haven't visited them this year.
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Thanks. I'm planning on trying to get them to let me ski for the day, or even the morning, then put the price of the ticket towards the pass (same day). I called and asked and the rep on the sales desk for the passes said he thought that would be OK. Of course I'll reverify that in person before trying it. I'll definitely stay away during the holidays. Oh yeah, it is Cranmore not Cannon.
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Rodney - I have the pass and it's been a great deal... if you go 8 times you make up the cost in terms of buying single day tickets. Riverc0il is right on in his assessment of the mountian. Right now it's pretty brutal up there given the excessively bad snow year we are having, but if (when) things turn around it will get better.
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I know Loon will use your day ticket towards a season pass. I guy I ski with did just that for his son. His son was there the entire Christmas vacation.

As was stated, it only takes 8 days to pay off the pass. There are two versions of the pass, Anytime ($419) and Sunday through Friday ($219), not valid Holidays or vacation weeks. We've noticed Sundays have become more crowded than in the past since they started selling the cheaper pass.

Some folks I know have bought the pass and used it one day, pretty expensive day of skiing.

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