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copper mountain crowds(vs. snowmass)

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planning to ski dec. 11-14 at copper mtn...what kind of crowds should i expect on each day (it is a wed., thu., fri, and sat. how would the crowds compare at snowmass at the same time??

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The crowds aren't much at Copper during the week - especially where the tougher terrain is. But Saturday is a different story. Copper will be crowded on Saturday.

Not sure about Snowmass.
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I skied Copper on those exact days last season (Thurs & Fri, not Saturday : ), and it was fantastic. The entire front of the mountain was open, but it was too early for the bowls; they were closed. Although it wasn't "empty," lines were non-existant. As has been stated elsewhere, Copper is much better than the other Summit County areas.

That said... I'm sure that you're aware of the possible catastrophic season coming up for Colorado in 2002-2003. The only reason we had such good conditions last year was: lots of artificial snow... and barring a ridiculously wet fall, that ain't gonna be the case this year.

My unsolicited opinion: go to Utah.
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I'm not sure Utah is much better off, JD. Let's just hope this drought ends--NOW! (Well, maybe it could hold off 'till I get back from a bike ride....)

PPB--I'll second SCSA's points--just remember that Copper is close enough to Denver to be a "day area" on weekends, while Snowmass is pretty much strictly a destination resort. Indeed, weekends can be slower there, as ski-weekers travel in and out. They're both great ski areas, though--take your pick!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I skiied that week at Snowmass and Copper year before last. Sking the Aspen group midweek was like falling into paradise. The mountains were at full speed but there were no crowds of any kind. I decided to take in Copper Mtn. on Friday on my way to Denver. --Was that a mistake! The crowds were atrocious!!!! It was the Friday before Christmas break and half of Denver was trying to get in some skiing before everyone else. My impression of the mountain was that it was worse than Breckenridge during peak season.(A return trip during midweek later in the season solidified the fact that Copper is by far the better ski area in Summit county for me.)

For those pivotal days nearing the Christmas holiday, I would lean heavily toward Snowmass, and definitely include Aspen Highlands in the agenda.

Hope you have a great December trip, and LOTS of snow!! [img]smile.gif[/img]

P.S. - My dates are not entirely accurate. I think the dates I was there were just a couple of days past the middle of the month because we were in the Roaring Fork valley the day that Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk opened at the middle of the month.

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Yep, feal--as a loyal Copper Mountain employee, I should be saying "no--come to Copper--we never have crowds......" But the truth is that you are correct. The traffic that clogs I-70 between Copper Mountain and the Eisenhower Tunnel on weekend afternoons (and that includes traffic from Breckenridge and Keystone, as well as Vail and Beaver Creek to the west) can be horrendous. I've seen my 12 mile drive home to Silverthorne take 2 hours, and I suspect that that was just the beginning for those continuing on through the tunnel to Denver!

Still, it's not USUALLY that bad....

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