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that new road to snowbasin?

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I know, I know, I'm bein' lazy. But can anyone tell me the status of that shortened route to Snowbasin? I'm going to be in Park City 12/21-24 and wanna try to get out there one day. How long's the haul?
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The new road to Snowbasin was open last year. If you are coming up from Park City. the new road does cut off some distance. It is an easy drive from PC. It took us less than an hour on good roads last February to make the trek. It was worth it, too.

Snowbasin is a big, beautiful place, and has some really great terrain. We had no problem finding deep, untracked snow several days after the last storm had cycled through Utah. (There wasn't any fresh snow to be found in either BCC or LCC). The resort had the feel of a work-in-progress last February, but we could see the making of a big resort in the works. It was great to ski it before it is "discovered." The only folks around were racers training on the two downhill courses. We were there midweek, and had the place to ourselves. Empty parking lot, no lines, and fresh tracks. After the Olympic DH's are televised, that probably won't be the case.

Have a great time!
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The new road is a huge help getting to and from the 'Basin. It did have go undergo repairs this spring because part of it slid, I think that it was a section just past where they had done a ton of preventative measures, but everything is good to go for this winter - if only we'd get some snow!!!
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Thanks. Can't wait!!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I was just up at snowbasin last week.The road is indeed open.Driving to Snowbasin from Park City is easy take I80 east to 84 take I84 towards Ogden.The Exit to Snowbasin is well marked and the drive is every easy.You want to give the mens DH course a try while up there? :
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