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Hot Springs in CO?

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I am going to Vail next week. Are there any natural hot springs near by? Any info is appreciated. I have a rental car. Thanks.
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I can't think of any near by, but there may be some I don't know of. The closest ones I can think of are in Idaho Springs, which you will pass on the way up if you are driving from the airport in Denver. They are not the typical hot springs you may be thinking of, they are called vapor caves or something and are inside some caves connected to the building. Outside the next closer I can think of would be in Glenwood Springs which is farther west along I70 from Vail. They have a huge olympic size hot spring pool outside. If you ever go to Steam boat you can hike to the natural hot springs just outside of town. There is a book I have seen in the bookstores about Colorado hot springs. It probably isn't in your stores in New York, but you could probably do a search on Amazon.com and order it.
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Powderhoud is right, but the easiest of the two springs to get to would probably be Glenwood Springs. There are no mountain passes between Vail and Glenwood Springs, and the highway traffic usually moves along very well until you get to Glenwood Canyon(Normal drive time is less than an hour). The springs are really a very well done site. Also take a look at the vapor caves if you like something a little different.

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If Vail's too crowded and you decide on the Glennwood Hot springs then make the Xtra 45 minute drive south on Hiwy82 from the pools to Aspen Snowmass .... The snow's a dumping today and there's freshies for all. Don't get too caught up in the Dineyland that is Vail.
If it's not too cold have a few beers at the Glennwood Canyon Brewery and hike down to the Colorado for some free wheeling, skinny dipping, wake your butt up springs that spew hot sulfuric water into man made lagoons. Chances are you'll end up passing a doob with a few freaks....
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I like Glenwood a lot for their ozone purification system; It's a really great facility. If you like to soak or swim laps, they have both.

The hot springs called Strawberry Park just 6 miles from Steamboat gives a different experience. It's smaller and very cozy. You don't hike to them, you drive. Clothing is optional after dusk. [img]redface.gif[/img] The spring flows constantly so there's no need for purification. I think their facility can handle about 40 or so people. From Vail, you'll go north from Wolcott towards Steamboat.
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