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I'm flying AirTran from DC to Denver on 4/2 and was wonder if anybody has experience flying with them. I've never flown with them before.

I am particularly interested in how they handled your ski equipment during the trip. Their site says that they allow one set of skis, poles, and boots per passenger without additional luggage penalty, so I'm ok in that regard. But, I am concerned as to how well they typically care for the equipment. Mine will be well packed and protected and I'll be carrying my boots on, but I'm still leary.
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I flew them LGA/ATL/DEN in December without incident and no equipment damage.
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Ah....good ol' ValuJet.
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Coach, i fly Airtran all the time and they are a good no-frills airline. Equipment wise, it's not the airlines as much as it's the airport workers. Ski/board bags are just the right shape to grab and toss. At least arriving in Den you don't have to watch them toss the bags onto the "oversized luggage" rack. That was very disturbing to see in SLC. Just to be safe, give them a check before you leave the airport. Good Luck!
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