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Tahoe April Dump

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At leat 15 inches of new snow in Tahoe today! I'll bet when it warms up to 55 degrees in a couple days, however, it turns to glop.
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If it's not damaging the bottoms of my skis or edges and I can slide on it it's skiing and fun. Maybe more work but fun
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We got about a foot at Mammoth....So far.
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And it's continued coming down all day, this is a real storm!
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For real? It's 90+ here in Massachusetts :
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i'm heading to kirkwood on thursday. the high are supposed to stay in the high 30s low 40s, so i think the conditions would be more than anyone would hope for at the end of april.
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I think we need to add "May" to the choices of the "Which month do you like to ski in the most?" poll!
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