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Just wondering how vail/bc are looking? I know if anyone would know, it would be all of ya'll. I leave for Vail a week from sunday. If anyone wants to get in some turns the 20th on just let me know.

"My friend here was not in the Olympics"
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Hi Vailbound. I skied Vail Sat and Sun. Amazing coverage for this early. Tons of terrian open. Sat the lift lines were a bit long, as they get more lifts running it should get better. Sun there were no lines at all. Many times we had the runs to ourselves. cannot remember such good conditions this time of the year, or any time of the year for that matter! The back bowls are open, Blue sky to open I think the 15th. They are expecting more snow this week.

Have not heard any first hand info from the Beav.

You should have yourself a very good time. :
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Kima is right; the rest of the back bowls open up that weekend. I've been up here since Friday; Sunday the mountain was EMPTY [img]smile.gif[/img] . Snowed Friday night, clear blue skies on Saturday, and more snow Saturday night into Sunday, at least in East Vail -- where the sun never shines . The coverage on the mountain feels like mid-January.

The S.O. and I went snowshoeing with our dogs this morning, took off my snowshoes to play with the dogs, and sunk down to my waist/chest in places. Plenty of snow.

Heading back down later today before the next storm hits tonight. Can't wait 'till next week.

Have a safe trip out here. The bowls will be open and waiting for your arrival. Would love to join you for some turns but, I will be in Hotlanta that week. Any place to ski in Atlanta for someone that will be going through MAJOR withdrawl?
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I know woodpile, I hate it here last week it was 65-75 all week, But boy I'm glad it's good there.
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