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Flexon + Zipfit = ?

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I have finally found somewhere in the UK that can get me a pair of Flexons but they are only available with Zipfit liners instead of the Thermoflex ones.
Does anyone have experience/knowledge of this combo as it's my only chance to get flexons before I go to Whistler in January?

(Can't find a store in Whistler that stocks them and the contact details for Kneissl Canada customer services don't work!)
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Hmmm.. I never heard of this combo before, but if it works, go with it. Question, are you in a 23.--23.5 shell? if so, that might explain part of it. Raichle is out of Thermoflex liners in that size. I haven't used zip fits, but I here theat the fit is very good as good as the Thermoflex. What you will be giving up with the Thermoflex though is the extreme light weight and I also do not know how warm the Zip is... I do know there is nothing warmer than the Thermo's. Best of luck.
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I've had my zipfits for a couple of seasons now. Yes they are warm, and they have a lot of support. The things I like about them are they are remoldable, don't break down quickly, and can be spot fit by adding more material in the liner. I actually moved them to a new shell last season.
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Thanks guys, sounds pretty good. I measured my foot as detailed on the raichle usa website and I'm 25.5 (current X-waves are 25.0s), so not sure why they only come with Zipfits.
It's a bit mysterious really because the flexons in their brochure are yellow and it says other colours are available. But I thought this years were black/silver?

I'm going for a fitting on Saturday so will find out then and let you know if I join the clan!
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Last year they had a black/silver as well as yellow model I think. This season they are Lime Green=Flexon Pro and Electric Blue= regular Flexon. The only difference between this year's two models is that the Pro-T has a stiffer tongue. Anyway since the Flexon really hasn't changed the color should'nt make any difference other than personal preference and some discount based on prior years color schemes.

You might e-mail kneissl's main site re: your problems with locating their Canadian agent. The Raichle USA site sells thermo flex liners. If you surf the web you may find other thermo flex liner retailers.

As Phil said Themo Flex is a much lighter liner thanm Zip Fit although Zip Fit is reputed to be a good liner. Thermo Flex'also keep your feet very toasty.

good luck! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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This is confusing to me. does Zip-fit now make a heat moldable wrap tounge liner that is compatable with the Flexon? If so it'll probably be fine. I've had zip fits before that were conventionaly shaped liners; after market silicone injected and pretty tough to get into a flexon shell, I'd think. We did get a Nordica foam liner in a flexon shell once but it really took some doing and it wasn't so great. Intuition liners are based in Vancouver and are very similar to the thermoflex {theyre made by the guy who designed the thermoflex}. They're higher quality and just as toasty. I'd think they'ed be readily available at Whistler. I can ask around the Raichle mafia here in Utah to get the name of a suitable fitter in Whistler.
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My Zips are not a wrap tongue, but they aren't silicon either. A couple of years ago the inventor Sven Coombs, developed a liner with a puty like material in them. They heat mold, and continue to form fit to your foot as they are skied. I've even added material in to the liner to snug the heal instead of adding external shims. The process is called spot fit and seems to be unique to these liners.
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interesting.will check out.
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Oh no! Now the store in the UK Flexons says they can't sell me a pair because they've all been recalled? What's going on! Apparently they bought their stock from some destined for Japan and they were shell-only boots. Sounds a bit dodgy to me anyway so it's time for plan B:

My Dad is in the US at the moment so I plan to get some direct from Kdr sent to him and then brought back. Problem is I measure 25.5 and so I don't know whether to round up or down.
My current Salomons are 25.0 and are a tight fit but I didn't need them blown or anything. What do you reckon Flexon experts? Is it best to go small and get a tighter fit all over as I have a narrow foot and heel?
I REALLY want them now!
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Check your shop again and see if they will let you do a "shell fit" before they send them back. Pull the liner out and put your foot in. Center it in the boot (left/right) and slide your foot forward until a toe touches the front of the boot. then measure the space behind your heel. If you have a mini Mag light use the head (light end) for a comfy fit, use the heel or tail end for a snug performance fit. Then you will know what size you need.

By the way, unless the flexon is different than all the other MFG the shell for a 25 and 25.5 are identical. The only difference is the foot board under the liner. the 25.5 boot has a thinner foot board.

In spite of the fact that every boot shop has those fitting/measuring devices, The experts at Masterfit University say "they are not accurate and almost always 1 full size over" (measure 26? try a 25 shell)

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Thanks Dchan. Unfortunately the shells never made it to the store before they were recalled so I can't try them. Tried the maglite trick with my current shells though and the wide end almost fits so I reckon 25 is the size to go for.

p.s. thought i had a ridiculously large boot until I realised that the keyring sized maglite is NOT a Mini!! :
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That Mag Light sizing tool is right on I've found also.Funny to see other people found it to. You need 2 of them though, one to size the shell and one to shine down into the boot for a real good look. I think one end is 1/2" and the other is 3/4". Works really well.

Jeff J.
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Greg at Green Mountain suggests if you are doing a lot of fitting, to make a dowel about 18 inches long with one end 1/2" and the other end 3/4" The mag is good because it's consistant. much better than your fingers!
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I would like to get up to GMOL(about 2 hrs. away) to have my alignment checked out. I've heard good things about them. (although when I ordered a book from H.H. earlier this year before I bought boots he didn't have much good to say about them...really)I did end up with a Dalbello boot though. CRX Diablo.

Jeff J.
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Yo Het; Wait until you get to Whistler; do a little research to find who sells'em; sorefoot {I mean Surefoot} carries them and I expect them to have a shop there; I'm sure there are others. The best bootfitters are on the mountain; you can ski a bit and go down every day for any adjustment you need and it'll be free. Flexons are so comfy from the start I would'nt worry about spending your vacation fussing with boot pain. Shouldn't happen. have fun..
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Great; Whistler's the joint. When Utah locals travel, they go to Whistler..it's a yet for me.. have a blast.
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Whooo hoooo! After an hour of rather expensive international calls I finally found somewhere in Whistler that have them (Wild Willies). Thanks for your advice Rubob, my feet will be eternally grateful! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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