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Snowbasin expansion plans?

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When does Snowbasin plan to build lodging accommodations? Last I checked, you still have to stay in Ogden...
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I spoke with Snowbasin's media guy a few weeks ago, and he said that construction of accommodations would begin next year.
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For the 2006 ski year?
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If your looking to stay closer to Snowbasin then Ogden Try Wolf Creek Resort. Wolf Creek is at the base of the road going up to Powder Mountain. You will be across the Valley from Snowbasin with about a 10 min drive to the Mountain. The shuttle bus up to Powder Mountain stop right at Wolf Creek. I know That there are some other accommadations inHuntsville but I can't recall the names of The projects.
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Hey, thanks for the tip. I'd like to hit both of those mountains, as a matter of fact.

How are the accommodations there? Wasn't sure from your post--from there it's 10 minutes to Powder Mountain, or to Snowbasin? And, what is the distance to the other?

Also, is this a free shuttle?

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Wolfcreek is about 10 miles from Powder Mtn.; 18 from Snowbasin. I don't know of any shuttle. For more info check http://www.ovba.org/lodge.html
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Trying to glean from maps, but I'm still a little vague. Are accommodations in the Huntsville area the closest available to Snowbasin? And what sort of winter driving distance is that?


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There's a place in Eden called The Red Moose Lodge (http://theredmooselodge.com/) that has some very sweet room rates now. They have a shuttle to and from the airport as well as shuttles to PowMow and Snow Basin.
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