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Seattle to Bozeman ski trip

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I'll be leaving Seattle in a couple of days, I'll be heading to Bozeman for a long weekend (the last weekend in March). I'll be driving and skiing for 4 or so days on the way to Bozeman (and back). I'm planning to ski at Mission Ridge, Schweitzer, Bridger Bowl and Big Sky. I may ski at Maverick Mountain, Discovery Basin and Turner Mountain. What are conditions like at these areas and anywhere else I should ski?

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I haven't heard much good about the snow levels at Maverick this year. Discovery, on the other hand, had good coverage the last time I went there a couple weeks ago. I am attempting to get there either this Sunday or next weekend.....I'll update you on its coverage then. If the backside still has good coverage its a great place to ski. The backside is basically a series of double diamond runs that are truly double diamonds. I love the area.

Bridger & Big Sky have great coverage this year. Better yet, the coverage is heavier snow than normal which makes for better spring skiing. We often get snow in late March but even if we don't you're still in for some fun skiing.

One place you might want to consider hitting on the way back is Lost Trail. Its not as far out of the way as Turner and the drive from Anaconda to there through the Big Hole is spectacular. Its doesn't have a great deal of extreme terrain but you can't knock a ski area that uses cattle ear tags to number it's chairs.
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schweitzer is still loaded with snow. the top 2/3 of the mountain has not had any loss. the very bottom is showing some signs of spring. we also have a winter storm watch for fri-sat. I only ski steeps and i suggest , South bowl, North bowl, Siberia and the lakeside chutes. Stella the new 6 person chair is a little low in elavation this year. the quad is quickly skied out. good luck.
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