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Eastern Update

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Hit Waterville this weekend (Loon was closed) and the snow was great on Sunday. No terrain open yet - just the top couple hundred yards off the summit double. While the couple of inches didn't hurt, there is still a long way to go before anything in the area can really get cranking. The last time I checked the weather was again calling for the middle of the week to be warm and rainy.

Anyone have word from Vermont? The ski reports look like they are in as bad a shape as NH.
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I managed a few turns at Killington on Sunday and was also impressed with the snow quality. Of course there weren't many runs with any on them, but they've done an admiral job of getting open what they have. There were very few patches of ice, and the rest was a combination of packed powder and snowmaking powder/crud, oh and of course a few patches of grass/rocks mixed in.

The crowds were insane, and the snowguns are loud and aimed right at you the whole day, but if you're desperate for some turns, they've got some decent snow.
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The bush is supposed to actually open this week again. No water in the river or pond puts a damper on snow making. The mountain was told they couldn't make snow because of the level of water in the river. not good.
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Even with the rain that's been in the area? Is the Mad River the main source of snow making water for the area? It doesn't seem like that would be enough to draw off of. I seem to remember holding ponds as you went up one of the lifts, but I could be wrong.
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Those holding ponds are filled by the Mad ultimately. This is why when the snow making expansion was proposed and the only way to do it was to tap the Mad to fill holding ponds the place went nuts. There are multiple holding ponds and pump houses there but it all comes off the feeder streams or the mad river/ponds eventually.
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Have you been up there at all this year? Any chance you'll be in there after Christmas? Pete will be in VT one of those days.
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NWS is forecasting 4 days of snow this upcoming week for Lincoln, NH and the area, with snowmaking temperatures all week!!!

About damn time.

BTW, I thought Loon was excellent this last friday. You could only ski the top of the mountain, but it was fun, and the snow nice, and the crowds VERY sparse. The chili at the summit cafe is surprisingly excellent.
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I'm taking Mark to Sunday River for his birthday next weekend. Hopefully, there will be snow, otherwise we have a Gift of the Magi situation.
He bought me new boots and footbeds for my b'day, I set up a trip to SR for his, but NO SNOW!
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You should have been there yesterday - top to bottom and it snowed all day. By the time I left Lincoln at 4:00 there was roughly 6" on the ground and it was still coming down. They are blowing on a bunch of terrain - Lower Walking, Haulback, Lower Bear Claw, Little Sister, and Rampasture. If this weather keeps up things should really improve.
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Hello, Spitting Dramadary A.K.A Llama,
I haven't been up at all yet. Plans to be there in Jan. Currently residing in DC. permanent like. Do you know when Pete is going to be there? Later
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Send me an email - my address book here at work is gone since my old laptop died. I'm not sure when he will be in town.

Finally nailed a tele-360 this weekend!
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OH YEAH!!!!! It's about time. Sunday River has gotten about 10 inches of snow- will prob. end up getting sabout a foot.n 41 trails open- odn't ask hwo they get that figure- but yeah- IT"S LOOKIN BETTER!
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I just got off the hill at Loon and the snow has arrived. A huge improvement in snow quality even over yesterday. About 8" all over the hill and guns going on many of the closed trails! First tracks were good and it looks as if they will be opening more trails daily. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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hey, kb1dgh: Did you and my hubby do a little "radio communication" with the snow gods of Maine?
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LOL- nah- we just build this huge ass camp fire- a diameter of about 20 feet. We sung some chants while running around the fire. (Then we got tired and took a 3 min. break) After the chants it was sacrifice time. Damn...just for all of you eatern skiers I now have a very melted pair of Atomic 9.16. The gogles and helmet are history. After the chanting and sacrifices we had 3 minutes of silence for Ulr. Then we passed out. By the time we woke up it was snowing. Hallaluya.
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Crap. Poor man skier is my bro. He was logged in and I submitted the post w/ his user name. SO anyway- for that last post it was me- not my bro.
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Whichever one of you did it, it looks like it worked... the forecast calls for four days of snow coming up. Looks like winter might actually be coming!
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