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getting from paris to london

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I am going to France for a holiday in September. Our tour finishes in Paris and we want to go to London for a few days before flying home from London.

I need advice on how to get from Paris to London. I checked out the Eurostar train on the net and it is really expensive for a one way ticket - about $140 USD. Can anyone suggest a cheaper option?
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seriously, $140. What do you think a train from NY to Washington DC would cost...
Not much difference. and your going damn fast...
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by twoKiwis:

I need advice on how to get from Paris to London. I checked out the Eurostar train on the net and it is really expensive for a one way ticket - about $140 USD. Can anyone suggest a cheaper option?

From London we get return Eurostar tickets to Paris for around £70 (c.$110), so you've been quoted a very high fare.
Try a low-cost airline - Buzz:
There are generally loads of cheap air fares in Europe at present, and the London-Paris route is very competitive, so the major airlines (British Airways or Air France or British Midland) might do you a good deal.
Another cheap option would be a bus, via either the Channel Tunnel, or the ferry from Calais to Dover. This would take about 7-8 hours, against 3 hours for Eurostar, or about 5 hours city centre to city centre by air.
You can get a bus from Paris to London for about £33.
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Try buying a return ticket staying over a weekend. Then dont use the return. I've done this booking flights and they're often fare cheaper than a one - way. I don't know if it will work with the Eurostar though but it's worth a try.
Otherwise go to a place called Sangatte. There are thousands of people there who may have a few ideas.
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British Midland:
Booked as a return would be around 140 Euro, one way is around 240 Euro

British European:
Return is about 160 Euro

49 Euro one way!

I know which one I'd choose!
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Are 'buzzaway' safe?

The bus does not sound too bad, will get to see a bit more of france and england on the way too.

Thanks for the links, makes a huge difference when you are trying to find out the best way when you are on the other side of the world.
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As far as I know, buzz are good enough - better than Ryanair, but that's not difficult! They are part of KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines).
And flying's a bit quicker than coaching it.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by twoKiwis:
Are 'buzzaway' safe?
The bus does not sound too bad, will get to see a bit more of france and england on the way too.

Like WTFH I can't vouch for Buzz, but they've had no negative publicity that I'm aware of, and they have been going for about 2/3 years. Before that they were called KLM UK.
I'd take the bus, because it's a big hassle getting out of Paris and back into the centre of London, for a flight that is only 40 minutes. You have to pay for the transfers too.
If the bus goes on the ferry, this is fun. They are very big boats with lots of facilities, and you get to see the famous 'White Cliffs of Dover'. If you can stop in Dover for half a day, the Castle and all the underground wartime excavations tunnelled into the cliffs are one of the great historic sites in southern England.
Have a great trip!
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the bus is sounding more appealing. It is 7 - 8 hrs compared with 3 hours on the train, and we do get to see the white cliffs of dover. I am not sure I like the idea of going under the channel in a train.

Not going until September, so got plenty of time to think about it.
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Have flown many times with Buzz (London-Vienna). It's basically a no frills airline, no food, nothing fancy. No more or less functional than the business flights I have been on. For such a short flight I wouldn't hesitate to use Buzz.


Also used the channel tunnel (for beer/wine trips) but I don't thinks it's safe as the trains had windscreen wipers?

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ March 01, 2002 02:52 AM: Message edited 1 time, by DangerousBrian ]</font>
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The wipers are for two resons:
1. To make Mission Impossible 1 a slightly better turkey
2. To wipe the illegal immigrants off before they leave the French side.

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I've flown, driven and got the train between London & Paris. Eurostar is by far the fastest and the most enjoyable: no hanging around at airports, space to walk around, enjoy overtaking all the cars (or being overtaken when going through Kent). As everyone else says, coach is cheapest but is a bit of an endurance test. All the UK low cost airlines are safe just don't expect free food or drink on the flight. The mainstream carriers sometimes have cheap fairs - try or similar.

London's full of kiwis. Hope you have fun.
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Yep, agree with Goldsmith re the high price.

From London we get return tickets to Paris for £75 (say you are under 26). Beats an airline anyday, and drops you at Waterloo in in the heart of London so you have a tube ride to anywhere. The budget airlines usually go to either Stanstead (Go, Ryanair) or Gatwick (Buzz?), so you will then pay about £7-15 each to get into London, about 45-75 minutes depending where you are and whether you express or standard rail it.

The awful alternative that may be cheaper is bus to the coast then ferry then bus. But will take a long time and probably not save much in the end anyway.

Go Kiwi.
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I noticed the cheaper tickets if you are under 26, but the four of us are all over 35, some of us more than others. I don't think we will fly, so we have to chose between the cheaper 'endurance' trip by coach or the more expensive train. We will definitely shop around for tickets, looks like the web site has the premium full price. I must admit the thought of the chunnel train needing windscreen wipers does not spark confidence........ :

Not going until September, so have plenty of time to chose.
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Hey twokiwis

I am 33 and buy the under 26 tickets all the time off the internet, never been asked about it either.
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One day you won't get away with that.
That'll be the year you buy senior citizens' tickets?
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I know what your problem is on the Eurostar - you're looking at full fare single tickets. Returns booked 14 days in advance for a specific train are much cheaper (don't use the return portion). You can buy a return in April from Paris to London including a Saturday night for 47.50 euros (can't book for September yet - look at whatever your age.
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Our intinery has been changed and we are now going to London first, and we have to get to Bordeaux from London now. We finish up in Paris and then go home.

So unless someone tells me some horror stories about buzzaway, we are going to book London/Bordeaux with them. Is only 40 GBP each.

Thanks for the great advice.
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