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Summit County Motor Home Parks

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Is there motor home parking in or around these resorts (Copper, Breck, Keystone). How do they feel about overnight parking in the Free Parking Lots.. What are some options for this type of travel??
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Tiger Run 5 star resort is 3 miles from Brekenridge. Expensive but very nice.
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I don't know about the rest of the country but the Northwest has a large contingent of Motorhome skiers. Mt. Hood Meadows, Ski Bowl and Bachelor all allow you to stay for free in the parking lot in designated areas. Bachelor is the best by far. Crystal Mt in Washington allows free parking and they have about 20 spots with electrical hook ups.

Our MH is fully rigged for snow camping and we just use the generator to top off the batteries when necessary. Call the areas and ask about their policy on snow camping. I have had good results by doing this.

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Mark, When you park in Bachelor parking lot, what do they provide in terms of sewage, water and electric?
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Nada. The MH has a 6500-watt generator and we carry 100 gallons of water with a concomitant sewage capability. Two can last a week pretty easily, and the family (4) can last about 5 days. We bring bottled water for our entire water intake while skiing and try to hit the head in the lodge over the one in the MH. That way we reserve the water for showers and cooking and I think it stretches our trips by about one day. A solo could last longer then they want you in the parking lot (most areas limit the continuous nights of stay, but it varies between the areas).


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Villagenut, Tiger Run on Rt. 9 just three miles short of Breckenridge coming from Frisco and I-70 is the only one we stay in when skiing Summit County, I think it's the only one open in Winter.

It is gated, has a olympic size indoor swimming pool, two indoor hot tubs, the best showers, a recreation room with table tennis, etc., a TV room, water, sewer, electric and cable at each site and the Summit Stage to all Summit County ski areas stops at the entrance, great if you have a motor home you don't want to move. Their weekly rate is $215, daily $39.

If you have a trailer and can use your truck to go places, it is ten minutes to the Breckenridge ski parking lot in town where a bus picks you up and deposits you at the ticket booth.

About 20 minutes over Swan Mountain and you are in Keystone, another six miles past Keystone is A-Basin with the worst parking lot in Summit County but the skiing is superb.

To go to Copper you need to drive back to Frisco and get on I-70 west and get off at Copper. It is about a half hour or so, depending on traffic.

Here is the Tiger Run web site: http://www.tigerrunresort.com/

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Maddog.... thinkin about Hitting Bachelor Lot next week....
I use a VW Bus with Furnace.... so a bit cramped unless I can hang out in lodge/village etc.

How late are restaurants etc. open in West Village?
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Greg, the facilities seem to close pretty soon after closing. It seems like 4 - 4:30 but I don’t really know. You will prolly find some poor sot camping in his VW Jetta so you will be much better off than he. Don't forget that you can always head down the mountain for the evening and drive back up just before bed time. Either that or just watch the big MHers and find a group you like and make a deal that you will come armed with a bottle of good hooch in exchange for a couple of hours of TV time on the couch. Last year we had a bunch of college kids staying next to us in “Dad's” MH. They would have been stoked just to have someone else around especially if that someone brought booze.

Have fun, I expect a written report on my desk by 8:00 am Monday.

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