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Where to ski this summer?

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Its not too late to talk about summer skiing. Basically, you have a choice of AU and NZ (for English speaking countries). But how about Santiago, Chile? There are many ski resorts around Santiago, like Slat Lake City. You basically can drive to the mountain from Santiago. The largest resort Valle Navado can be destination resorts. The cost of flying is not too high, about $850 from California.

Check this out:

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How 'bout Mt. Hood in Oregon?
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You can also try Whistler or Tuckerman Ravine, but I am talking about powdery, real snow, wintery climate, not the corn snow type.
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Why not go to Portillo?

Is Valle Nevado better?
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Memorial Day last year I skied at Mammoth

June 10ish I skied at Mammoth (only one run left)

July I skied at Mt Hood

August I skied for a week at Mt Hood

Sept I tried but the Palmer snow field at Hood had melted (a first)

A-basin also is open often into June

I've often thought about South America. In addition to Portillo and the others around Santiago, I hear good reports from people that have gone to Argentina.

The thing I went to in August at Mt Hood was the Atomic Masters Race Camp. You ski till noon (it's all race training - the Palmer Snow field is just this big rectangle of snow that they divide into lanes that camps rent. Then do summer things each afternoon and evening like windsurfing, white water rafting, golfing, hiking, mountain biking. It was a lot of fun.

Here is the link:


Considering the instruction each day and the fact the fee includes all the activities and most of the food, it's a real deal.

Here is a link to an album of pictures from the August Camp on Mt Hood.


- click the first pic for a slide show, click any pic for a much larger (and clearer) version.

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Originally posted by Scalce:
Why not go to Portillo?

Is Valle Nevado better?
Nothing wrong with Portillo, its just a bit far from Santiago. Myabe you have to live there on the slope.
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Portillo, from what people have told me, is like a cruise ship experience. Everything is at the resort. The fee you pay includes lodging,sking, and food. There is no "town". Portillo is also smaller from what people have told me, but also not as crowded.

Either would be real skiing as opposed to gate training in a lane as on Mt Hood. (not that gate training isn't skiing, but real skiing is like hiking and exploring for me. Racing is a subset of the total ski experience.)
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I'm going to Whistler this summer mainly for mt. biking, hiking etc. However, I was wondering how glacier skiing at Blackcomb is. Any experience out there?
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