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TopSki - Tignes

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Has anybody got any first hand experience of the instruction courses run at Top Ski in Tignes?
Or do you know anybody thats been there. The school is run by ex French racer Pat Zimmer.
Any feed back appreciated.

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I think that the guy who does the ski column for the Daily Telegraph- Peter Hardy- also organises a ski week for readers at the end of November each year and I think that they use Pat Zimmer as the head coach, dont know anything about him myself but he gets a very good write up in the paper ! Try for some more info or the Telegraph site
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They are very highly recommended in the Which? guide, but I haven't used them (we've discussed my experiences of Evolution 2 before).

p.s. I tracked down Mark Jones at Mountain Masters, thank you.
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Aren't Top Ski based in Val?
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Frances - Yes I think they are based in Val. But they're running camps on the glacier in Tignes at the end of November that I'm looking into. Was just hoping for some first hand experience's.
These are the ones Colin mentioned above, run by Ski Solutions and the Daily Telegraph. I'm more of a Times reader myself, sort of like a broad sheet tabloid sometimes....
Mark Jones rings a bell. Is he the one that does the how to ski articles in Ski and Board?
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Mark Jones was involved with a company I went on a course with last year ( although he did not teach me. I did meet him in the bar though. Very nice guy- nobody on the course voiced any complaints and as you will see from the biog on the site he is well qualified.
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