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Flex of boots in moguls

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I ski in Rossi Course X boots (the dark red ones, about 4 years old with only 1 year of skiing in them). There's a allen bolt on the outside of the shell at the lateral malleolus (the bony bump on the outside of your lower ankle) which seems to adjust the stiffness/flex of my boots. I like to ski moguls but have questionable technique and end up in the back seat occasionally. If adjusting this bolt does adjust the flex or stiffness of the boots, would I benefit from a softer setting? If I leave it in the softer setting will my performance skiing fast or skiing the steeps by hampered? By the way, my measurements are a stunningly tall looking 5'7" 150lbs, about Level 8 last I checked, skiing on 180cm Atomic Betaride 9.22 (also red, three years old) with Atomic Xentric 310 bindings. Thanks for the info.
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That bolt is most propably for adjusting canting, not flex. Better not to touch it if you don't need any adjustment to canting angles.
More important than flex is forward lean and that you keep your arms in front of you to avoid back seat.

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I will agree, don't touch the bolt. If flex needs adjustment, let a boot fitter do it, and the adjustment will be made mostly in back. I found that a too stiff boot does not let me out of the back seat. There's a flex adjuster on my boots, so I re-set it for the softer flex, and that made all the difference. It's still plenty stiff enough for everything else I do. I'm 5' 8" and 145 pounds, so I don't have a lot of weight to flex boots. I'm not sure what height you were trying to convey, but is that intended to show that you're under 5' tall?
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JK and Oboe - the bolt is not the canting ones, it's at the back of the boot and adjusts flex only, and it's very easy to adjust - heck it even says on the boot (mine anyway) which way is soft and which is hard, it takes 2 seconds to do, and is absolutely foolproof.
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Yes, Mike, I have the same flex adjuster on my Rossi boots, but that's not the one he's talking about - read his posting closely, and you see he's talking about the bolt on the SIDE of the boot, which is NOT the same as the flex adjuster which you and I have used so easily.
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Yah I see that now, that won't do anything for flex. I think he just has his bolts mixed up.
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Thanks for the info. For the record my height is 5' 7" (or 67"). I don't need a softer flex as I like my boots pretty stiff. I was just wondering if I might benefit from a softer flex in the moguls. If I've already messed with the bolt and thus the cant of the boot, I assume I will need to see my bootfitter to fix it. My boots don't have a bolt in the back, just the one on the side. So, my bolts are not mixed up.
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Prosper, if you've played with the canting bolt, don't ski with them. A loose canting bolt could lead to a serious fall. Go see your fitter and get it tightened in the correct position. It's not something you can really do yourself, you need another person.
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