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Where to rent skis in (or around) Denver?

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My wife and I are going to be in Denver next week (2/17 to 2/24), and plan to ski a couple of days. We have been wanting to demo some specific skis, and would rather not take our skis on the plane.

Unstead of showing up at the ski areas rental shops and taking whatever they give us, we were wondering where in the Denver area we could rent/demo some Bandit XX's and G31's(We're looking for something more all mountain than my Mountain Viper 9.3's and my wife's Mountain Viper 9.9's)? Or is it different than here, and can you rent good skis on-site?

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It all depends where you are going to ski. The larger resorts have an excellect selection of demos. There are also many local rental shops in the resort communities.
I would recommend that you call ahead and reserve your selections. Most shops will have them all ready for you when you arive.
Where did you have in mind? I may be able to suggest some shops.
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Currently we are thinking about A-Basin and Loveland.

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Try Breeze Ski Rental in Downyville (about 1 hr west of Denver right off I-70 on your way to both resorts). You can pre-book your equipment at www.breezeski.com. Good luck and have fun!
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Christy Sports has a good selection of demos. They have shops at the bigger mountains, but I doubt that they have them at A-Basin and Loveland. Try christysports.com; there is a list of locations on the web site.
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I forgot ... Christy has stores in Frisco and Dillon, too. Where will you be staying? I don't know if those stores have full demo selections, but they can help you with ideas.
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I know for a fact that the Breeze ski rental mentioned by skicrazy at exit 236 on I70 has bandits instock. My wife has rented them there this year.

If you are looking for a great demoing experience I would suggest going to Vail, and going to the mid Vail demo center. You rent the latest and greatest skis by the hour. I think it is $8.00 an hour. The terrain accessable from the two lifts servicing the area around the demo center is ideal for testing any skis you can think of. Bumps, trees, powder, steeps, groomers etc... are all one lift away. You can do a lot of testing in a short time with unlimited change outs there. The place really excells when you get into the situation of trying out a ski and within a few moments of gravity you know the ski is not for you. You just ski down to the demo center and grab another set.<FONT size="1">

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