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Bus service, SLC to ski areas?

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What info can people provide about bus/van transportation service from the University of Utah area in Salt Lake City (east side of town, specifically University Park Mariott Hotel) to the major nearby ski areas: Park City, Canyons, Alta, Snowbird, etc? E.g., is it available at all, frequency of travel, cost, routes, links to further info, etc?

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I have not used it but heard that it was pretty reliable. The only downside is that LCC can be closed when there is a major avalanche danger.

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If a canyon is closed due to avalanche, you are not going up no matter what your driving. If it looks like a problem, and you are around on a weekend, get in touch with me (PM, I'll give you my number), I've got room in my car, but it only goes up LCC (some sort of auto-pilot). I live near the U.
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