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Whistler - Apr 26-27th Report

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It was the last weekend for Blackcomb but Whistler is still open till June. It's getting very late in the season and most of the ski areas are closed now, but Whistler is still rocking! [img]smile.gif[/img]

I wasn't expecting much being late spring, but was pleasantly surprised at how good the snow conditions still were. Saturday, the first run down Springboard on Blackcomb was on rock-hard hardpack. I thought to myself, what am I doing skiing today. Headed up to the glacier and it was great, softpacked and amazing conditions considering they hadn't received any new snow for a few days. Spent the whole morning skiing the T-bar on the glacier with sunny skies and smiles on our faces.

Sunday, it was pretty cloudy and it had rained in the village overnight. Headed up Blackcomb again, not expecting much, just hoping that it didn't rain up top. To my surprise it was 6-10cm of fresh powder and untracked everywhere. Man was I glad to be on my PR's (whoever says PR's suck cuz they're too soft haven't ridden them in the real soft stuff). Ripping up the freshies on 7th Heaven and off the Glacier chair, woohoo Who said that winter is over?
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AAAAHHHHH the memories!!!! I took my first trip to Whistler in Jan and it was rockin then. All the locals b1tching about having no snow, try spending a winter or two on the east coast and we will show you what no snow is!! I spent a few days on each mountain and I liked Blackcomb the best. Jersey cream, 7th Heaven, and what ever the name of the run is that cuts across the t-bar then drops in right under the steeps. Glad you had a good time, count your blessings for living in a great city just a short drive from a great resort!! :
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Yup, heading up to Whistler the last week of May. Not worried about lack of snow... still 280 cm base. Down in the village, it'll be bikes and bikinis!

Big White in the BC interior had closed for the season, but they got 30 cm yesterday and may open up again. Ice is now off the lakes up there, and the fishing is dynamite!

I've tried to justify getting on an airplane to go somewhere for a vacation... but why? BC rocks!
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