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Traffic from Reno to Lake Tahoe?

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I might be moving out to reno in hope of living west of Reno and sking daily at different Lake taho moutians. Hows the traffic on Rt 80. Is it relitvly easy to pass throughout the winter. I got a 4X4 but I was wondering if they close the highway often. How long would it take to get from Reno to Kirkwood? Is it tough to get jobs in the Lake tahoe area? I plan on going out in mid november and starting off with a 6 month lease.
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80 is a major road & only closes for a significant period,i.e. hourse, in the nastiest of storms. Like the one that just blew through. A 4X4 should serve you well.

Reno-Kirkwood takes a while because you have to go through S. Lake Tahoe. Mt. Rose, Northstar, Squaw, Alpine, Sugar Bowl, Heavenly are all easier/quicker to get to. I like Kirkwood though, and I never ski Northstar. Mt. Rose is nice & high & gets some good snow though.
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Thanks Dino. When we move out, we're probably gona get a seasons pass to one of the resorts out there. I wonder if there are multimoutian passes or which moutian's seasons pass is the best value. Have you ever been to Reno or Carson. What are they like? Any night life? Any parts of Reno you should stay away from? We saw some nice apts in a town west of Reno.
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Sorry, can't help you much on Reno, I've only stayed there a few times. As for passes, etc., most of my friends prefer Alpine to Squaw because it has a more laid back attitude.The "Squallywood" moniker is sometimes deserved, but I do love the terrain there. Try out some places, Alpine, Squaw, Sugar Bowl & see what you place you like.

By the way, from Reno you're about 3 hours from Mammoth, which is worth a weekend side trip if you're living in Reno.

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Reno to Kirkwood takes about 80-90 minutes. If you drive though South Lake Tahoe you're going the wrong way -- 395 S to 88 W is much faster. When they build up 395 to bypass Carson City's charming downtown strip of seedy casinos and equally seedy state government buildings it should be about 15 minutes faster.
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80 has problems in storms, but only from the West. You'll be fine comng from reno. 20 minutes to Mt. Rose. 45 minutes to the best North Shore resorts (Squaw, Alpine, Sugarbowl, Northstar).

The best deal and only multi-resort pass I know of is the "Choice Pass" -- weekdays at Alpione & Sugarbowl for $600 (must buy in the summer). Other than that, you need to pick one unless you want to go all out for the California Gold Pass which have a limited supply (have to get them within a few weeks of when they become available (mid summer, I think)) and for around $2,000 you get 50 days at each resort in CA. The best part is that it is "transferrable" so if you are not using it one day, you can let a familiy member or frined use it.
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Im a 20 year resident of Reno and an avid skier. You can spend $1800 plus on a Sierra Gold pass which will get you skiing at most the big 6 Tahoe Resorts plus Mammoth. I live in west Reno about 10 minutes from I-80. North shore resorts take about 45 - 55 minutes on normal days. Storm days can easily double that time. Mt Rose is 30 minutes away storm days add 10 minutes. Kirkwood a solid 90 -110 minutes, Heavenly 60-70 minutes, Mammoth 3 hours.

NW Reno is about 10-15 years old and is middle class with lots of rentals. About 45 minutes to most North Shore Resorts and still the same to the others.2-3 bedroom apts rent from $600 - $1200. 3 bedroom houses $1100 on up. This place ain't cheap. Reno doesn't really have any places to avoid, perhaps the area just east of the university and downtown Reno if I had to pick any. There are many nightclubs and also casinos for entertainment. Restaurants from local to the common chains.

Traffic is usually free flowing because you're going the opposite direction of the main traffic flow. Sundays on I-80 tend to be hectic. Weekdays, as fast as you want. Mt Rose Highway is mostly locals who have a better handle on mountain driving and adverse conditions.

Carson City is much smaller and further from North Shore resorts. About an hour to Kirkwood, 30-45 minutes to Heavenly.

As for the skiing, Mt Rose passes are $249, Sugarbowl anywhere from $219 to $700. Alpine Meadows $850?, Squaw Valley $1400?, Northstar/Sierra at Tahoe combo $250, Kirkwood $199 - $400, Heavenly $299, Mammoth $399?. I have a pass to Mt Rose and one to Sugarbowl. Usually can find $35 to $40 lift tickets mid week to almost any of the above resorts.

I came here 20 years ago to attend college and after graduation I'm still here. Not much better that I can think of for the multitude of year round recreation within an hours drive.
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