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copper lift tickets

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looking for best deal on single day lift tickets. we are staying at keystone & have multi day tickets for keystone & abasin but would like to try copper 1-2 days. we are flying to DIA & renting a car so we can stop in Denver if needbe, arrive feb 1rst can't wait thanks
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Stop at the Safeway supermarket in Frisco. We picked up discount tix for Copper there last year-$50 for two days. Don't know if they are offering the same this year, but it's worth a try!
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Idaho Spring is half way bwtn Denver and Copper on I-70. There are a number of ski rental shops that offer discount lift tickets. Many locals use them. Idaho Spring is still consider front-range. In fact, tickets are stamped with the word "Front Range". Are they less expansive than the Safeway in Frisco? I can't be sure. But I don't think they cost more than Safeway in Frisco.
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If you are brave ask any one with a season pass if they will buy your tickets for you at the Copper Card price. The max price for tickets at the Copper Card price is $39 and almost every one from Colorado either has a Copper Card or a pass and can buy for tickets at the discounted price. Copper Cards are $10 but I do not think they are on sale any longer.
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