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Granite Peak

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Has anyone skied Granite Peak (Rib Mountain) since they got their new management? I haven’t skied there for about 3 or 4 years and am wondering if it can compete with some of the placed in the UP its about 2 hours closer
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Indeed. I've had a season pass there for the past 2 years. It has been definitely worth it for me, but I'm more of a park guy so I'm not sure about what everyone else thinks of it. The speed lift is great. Makes me not want to be on any runs that are serviced by the slower ones. :P Other than the park, the more entertaining runs I'd say are on the left side of the mountain (looking up), and overall, I'd say it's worth the 2 hours less of a drive, but I guess you'd have to ultimately make that decision.
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I might be out - I got a couple tickets at the Warren Miller flic. Too bad you get so limited by the dates...
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well im gonna go this weekend..i went back in 2004 and all the new runs weren't open on the far right side..but i think they're all open now
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Kids love it, but it totally lacks steeps and doesn't get the lake effect snow like the UP.
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