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Jackson Bound

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I’m wondering if anyone here might have some suggestions or tips that would be helpful. On all previous trips out west, (SLC and Summit county) I have been skiing with family members who prefer blue groomers to anything “off-piste”. Not that I don’t enjoy blue groomers a lot, but I found that it gets a little boring to do that all day, and I’d like a little variety of snow, trails, scenery, etc. I’ve always seen the Warren Miller films and wondered “Where are these guys finding terrain like THAT to ski on?” You can spend all day on the groomers and not find anyplace to get some air under your P-tex. On my last trip to Alta I got a taste of a more authentic mountain experience, (also on Horseshoe bowl at Breck) and decided to make different plans this year. I’ll be going to JH for a couple of weeks Jan. 22 to Feb. 3. I’ll be staying at the Hostel, and I’ll be coming out alone. I am hoping to meet some people with the same desires and abilities to ski with. While I am in my mid forties, I am in pretty good shape, and expect I could keep up with all but the most energetic. I like to think I am at least a level 8 skier, but I don’t know for sure. If the snow is right, I think I would try just about anything. About the only thing that I am not really comfortable with is steep icy bumps. Is there anyone here who relates to what I’m saying who will be in Jackson at this time who would like to get together? Is the Hostel a good place to meet people to ski? Thanks for the input, and if you think this might be fun, don’t hesitate to respond, or reach me at natureboy@epicski.com.
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Hi Sibe
Thanks for the offer - this could be fun. I was also thinking about a trip to Targhee, depending on what the situation was. "Back country" sounds cool, but I'd need to see the details on that. I don't have a peeper, but maybe it's time to get one. I expect to arrive in the Village sometime Sunday evening. Probably the easiest thing is for you to come to the Hostel anytime it is convenient for you after that, and just ask for Todd. Otherwise, contact me at bigenuf@rconnect.com until Friday evening, the 19th.
P.S. How does it work out to ride with three other boarders, when you're on skiis?
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