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Spring Colorado info needed

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We are looking at making a second trip out west this year in the spring (we are going on our normal Alta trip in two weeks). We are thinking about trying somewhere in Colorado. We go to ski and don't care about "nightlife".

Our main concerns are (in order of importance):

1. Access from Denver (to maximize skiing time)
2. Snow quality (mid-March to mid-April)
3. Good kids ski program for 4 year old
3. Terrain (good mix of everything: I'm advanced, wife intermediate, son can ski most greens)
4. affordability

We are leaning towards Steamboat or Vail area. But I am not sure about the snow in mid-April.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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I believe Steamboat closes 4/11/04. I haven't been in Colorado in April but you might consider Summit County (Keystone, Breck, Copper) as well as Loveland, A-basin. Not sure about Vail as far as snow preservation goes. I believe all of those areas with the exception of Steamboat could use lots more snow but alot can--and probably will--happen over the next 8 weeks or so. Good luck!
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A few years ago I skied Winter Park the last week of March and it was great. Not to far from Denver. Not an overwhelming amount of fresh pow but conditions where well worth the trip. If you choose vail fly into eagle if you are coming by plane and you will maximize skiing time. Its a little more costly but worth it. I have heard great things about the spring skiing at Mammoth Mountain CA. but I have never been however its on my list of must ski mountains. Sometimes they are open until July!!!!!!! Have fun.
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Vail usually closes mid-April , as do Breck and Keystone. When it is a good snow year (not this one so far, even though conditions are good right now), Vail closes with a deep (read >4 or 5 feet) of base still on the ground, and I skied untracked snow in Outer Mongolia Bowl last year during closing week. Warm long sunny days, few crowds or lines- GREAT!

Late season skiing (beyond mid-april) near the front range usually means Winter Park, and (especially) Loveland and A-Basin. The latter 2 are right on or over the Divide and only just over an hours drive from Denver. I skied the Basin last year on July 2. Not a whole lot of terrain left, mind you, but it was a blast!! For all of these areas, you are probably better off flying in to DIA rather than Eagle, which is 20 minutes west of Vail, and staying in either the Silverthorne/ Keystone/ Dillon area (A-Basin or Loveland, and drive over the pass) or even Georgetown, or in Granby or thereabouts for Winter Park. Lodging deals should be plentiful in April or late March.

For the terrain and kids programs you are looking for I would think that Vail, Breck or Keystone has it all, and in late March the ski schools should still be running fully. Copper is also a good choice, and has very varied and extensive terrain like what you are looking for. Once you get into April, there will be less available for the kids. A-Basin has more expert terrain, and although there is plenty of intermediate, the variety is less than the others. I am not as familiar with Winter Park (I have a Colorado Pass, so I tend to ski those 5 areas)

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For Mid-April I would look to stay at Keystone and ski at A-Basin. From Keystone you can also get to Breck, Copper and Vail.
Keystone has been pretty aggressive in thier pricing this year.
From thier web site

This is tentative. Closing date is subject to change based on the amount on snowfall.

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Kima has some good advice and Steamboat does close on the 11th this year otherwise it would be my first choice. It definitly has more snow than any of the other Colorado resorts, just came from there, but Vail is also in very good condition with lots of snow. Breck, Keystone and especially A Basin all need snow.

They'll get it for sure, you can count on that. April is my favorite time to ski Summit Co. Copper will be good as always and Vail will be too. I've already planned a Spring trip for the 8th till the 18th. Going to hit Steamboat for three days then head to Summit to ski Vail, Copper and hit the beach parties at the Basin.
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As a general rule, there will be good skiing till the end of March everywhere. By April, especially the second week, it will suck below 9,000'. That means Keystone, Vail, and Steamboat will be unpleasant unless you stay up top. Copper, Loveland, A Basin, and Breck will be decent from top to bottom.
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Here's a little out-of-stater opinion on the 3 closest ski areas to Denver. From what I experienced they match up pretty well with your 5 concerns.
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jamesj, you nailed it! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
I'm from the East also and can't get enough of Loveland and Winter Park. I'm flying out next week and will be starting my 8 day trip with some turns at Eldora. It'll be the first time there, can't wait.
I'd also recommend SolVista, 20 minutes away from Winter Park for a real nice, uncrowded ski experience.
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