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I have a business trip to Bombay February 1. I can return through Milan and have a very short window of opportunity to ski, February 5 – 8. I would like to ski Alagna but cannot find much information on transportation, lodging or guides. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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Alagna has some very interesting off-piste opportunities (not as good as, for example, La Grave ~ but enough variety to keep you happy). For some general information, a good site is, which is in English and provides details of hotels, transportation, etc. For guides you can check the website for the local guiding association at My only skiing in Alagna has been with Monte Rosa guides - not with anyone from Alagna, so I can't give any recommendation. However, so long as they are UIAGM certified, they should be OK.

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Thank You!
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Sergio Gabbio is the man in Alagna. I skied with him in 1996 from the summit of the Monte Rosa via Heli as well as around Alagna and the neighboring area of Gressoney on numerous off-piste routes. His english is more than adequate as his wife Laurie is Scottish. He is an internationally certified guide who also guides in the Himalayas. Alagna has over 8000 vert. ft. though many overly sunny (south and east) exposures. A guide is a must to find good snow.
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Monte Rosa / Alagna is superb place for off-piste skiing.
The profile is very varied and with small hiking/skinning
you can gain huge amounts of skiing. In my personal
opinion, its better than La Grave. Why? In La grave
the area of skiing isnt that huge, the profile is steepcouloir/almostflat/steepcouloir, and you inevidably end up at lifts L2 or L1, so theres not that variation that you have
in monte rosa area. And if you want steep chutes theres
plenty of that one too, from punta strolemberg, corno rosso or stralivo towards alagna. If you want high mountain hiking
go to pyramide vincent, or balmenhorn and ski towards
staffal. Hopefully this year the snow situation would be
little better than last year... :
Good news is that it cant be any worse.

here´s an another link where you find more links etc...
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