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Chamonix - Good Deals?

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Some friends and I are thinking of making a trip to Chamonix this year. (probably early March) I've heard there's some decently priced package deals out there. Can anyone recommend any web sites or companies? Or do you think it would be cheaper to arrange everything ourselves? Thanks in advance.
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Try to add onto a group trip. By that I mean contact areputable TOs like Skie Europe (askd for Dorothea and tell her I sent you...) or Adventures on Skis (I've not used them but a friendd has for years for groups) to see if you could become part of a group package for the added cost of an airdeviation of you depart from a different City.
Eg: is you live in Dallas, you might get in with a New York ski club by paying a a $50-100 air deviation fee.
The nice thing about doing this is you don't have to arrange anything, it's done for you and at a group rate---typically much better than an individual can get.
I took a groupf of 45 there last yr first week of March. Send me some specific q's and I'll try to help further.
Go. It's amazing....

TS [img]smile.gif[/img]
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you might also check out www.skirun.com
Daman Nelson Travel. We use them every year for our annual ski trip. They often ask if we would be willing to take others outside our group so if they have a group going there they might be able to put you in another group trip.


Ask for Paige Peterson. She is one of the group coordinators.
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Don't go first week in March. Many French and Swedish schools(!) have winter-breaks that week, wich gives crowded lifts and expensive trips.
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When is a good time to go? I thought all the school holidays were finished in February.
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I might be wrong, but I'm speaking out of experience... First week in March there are still LOTS of people in the French alpes. After that week you should be fine.
Hope you go, Chamo is definetly worth it. (haven't been there, but my friends keep telling me that)
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