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Other than Squaw/Heavenly

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I've made up my mind. After considering Colorado, Utah, Whistler and other resorts, we will be traveling to Lake Tahoe in early March'03. We will ski Heavenly and Squaw for sure. Looking to ski 2-3 other areas, I'm not sure which ones?? Kirkwood, Diamond, Alpine Meadows, Sugar Bowl, Northstar?? We are looking for good lifts, good groomers, scenery and less crowds?? Lets hear it on the resorts around Tahoe. Thanks!! Also, is it common for skiers not familiar with a mountain to ask a patroler to guide a skier into expert terrain??
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I'd recommend sticking with either the north or south shore since it is at least an hour drive each way between them, more if it snows.

If you are on the south shore DEFINITELY check out Kirkwood -- far better than heavenly in many respects (like terrain). The south shore has more active nightlife and casinos, but IMHO is not as "nice" (it's strip mallish).

If you are on the north shore, I would also highly recommend Alpine Meadows (right next to Squaw) and Sugarbowl. Alpine is bigger, Sugarbowl gets a little more snow -- both are great.

Let me know closer to the date what your plans are, maybe we can meet up on the hill. ( ac@epicski.com )
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Originally posted by AC:
If you are on the north shore, I would also highly recommend Alpine Meadows (right next to Squaw) and Sugarbowl. Alpine is bigger, Sugarbowl gets a little more snow -- both are great.

ac@epicski.com )
Tell it like it is AC...both are better than Squallywood or heavenly
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Both of you should like Alpine Meadows which we enjoyed on our last trip there- it has terrain to suit the 2 of you. Northstar will be very good for your girlfriend, possibly less so for you although they may have extended it since I was last there.The lifts etc are good but the terrain is(was ?) largely intermediate. We skied Mount Rose a couple of times and liked it, you might like the terrain better than Northstar. Diamond Peak has great views but it is pretty small and I doubt it will test you. We went there with a mixed group with some lowerintermediate adults and kids who loved it, but it has no what I would call expert terrain.

As was said before unless you want to drive a great deal go to either the North or South shore but not both. Personally I would go North, which is where we stayed when we were there, tho we did visit South on a day off. Frankly the area around Heavenly did not tempt me to stop the car and get out!! If you like casinos tho it is the place to go.

Also be aware the North Shore is pretty quiet at night, if partying is what you are after that isnt the place to go.
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Mrs. Skicrazy & I had the "honor" of skiing Sugar Bowl durring the 1st Bears trip and it ROCKED! Go for it.
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Yes,,,,, Mt. Rose, Kirkwood, and Sugar Bowl !!! .... Not necessarily in that order.
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When in the Lake Tahoe area, I always stay in Reno because I too like to hit several different resorts. Reno provides a good base since you are only 45 minutes away from the North Shore resorts, an hour from Heavenly, an hour and a half from Kirkwood and less than 30 minutes to Mt. Rose. The drive to all of these places is worth the trip, especially Sugar Bowl!!! Rent a 4x4 pick up from Budget. The last couple of times out there I got one for less than $20 a day. There are also great deals to be had at the casino/hotels. The Sands Regency had weekday rates of $20 a night and weekend rates for $60. The rooms were newly remodled and as nice as any mid price hotel or even the pricier Hilton where I've also found good deals. If your into gambling you have plenty of choices from old school cheesey casinos (the Sands... but the dealers are friendly and I left with more than I came with!!!)to those with a modern Vegas style. Weekends the casinos are filled with a younger crowd from the Bay and Sacramento areas.

Definately go to SQUAW!!! Squaw is the best mountain in Tahoe and one of the best in the country. Most do not like it because of the "tude" from the workers, its corporate resort feel, and price. When it's just you and the immense terrain, all of that is forgotten. Besides, there is a reason why some of the greatest skiers in the world call the place home and they make all of those films there. I'd try to do two days there so you can explore the place.

Most of the other resorts can be covered in a day if it's not busy except of course Heavenly but after one day you probably won't want to go back. Check out Sugar Bowl on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for cheap lift tickets no lift lines and great terrain (the best secret in Tahoe). Alpine Meadows and Kirkwood are also a must. Great terrain and a good local feel. Sierra at Tahoe and North Star are very similar to New England mountains with their cut trails and no open bowl skiing. You will find some decent on-piste steeps and good intermediate cruisers.

The locals, Patrolers, and Instructors have always been helpful in locating steep terrain that won't get me into too much trouble. Ask a local where there skiing and if you can join them for a run. Most will be happy to do so even at Squaw. The one thing I will not do is ski double blacks that I do not know by myself. You can get into some serious trouble out there.

All of the mountains have great lifts. The only problem I have had with really long waits is the backside of Alpine Meadows. Ski it early and you won't have huge lines.

Have Fun!!! I too will be out their in mid February!!!
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AC had it right, Sugar Bowl & Alpine!
And I'd recommend Homewood for a change of pace! Best views of any Tahoe ski area, I'd rather ski there over Northstar any day.
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I really like Kirkwood,in fact I bought a season pass for next year, but I think it only makes sense to go there if you are based in South Lake Tahoe (drive is 30-40 mins.) Despite the bad things people will tell you about Heavenly, I think it's pretty nice, somewhat pricey but has good terrain an spectacular view which makes up for it. Anyway if you are visiting from out of state Heavenly is a must. I also agree with other posters that Sugar Bowl is great, but then if you are based in South Lake Tahoe (which makes the most sense since you actually will have something to do at night there) you can't really drive there. Sierra-at-Tahoe is good maybe on a weekday, otherwise its very crowded. Also it's full of snowboarder badass wannabe-s.
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Yeah mon,
Alot of these posts are right on regarding Tahoe. I've lived on the north shore for the past 2 years, and worked at Flatstar.

If you're looking for groomers, FLATSTAR has some great ones. Reminds me alot of northeastern slopes with the cut trails. The new area is sick, but i won't go into that in detail. You just have to find out for yourself. Also, you WON'T find the scenery that you'll find at some of the other ones.

KIRKWOOD- sick, gnarly terrain. Absolutely LOVE it there...

ALPINE- sweet mountain. always have fun there.

HOMEWOOD-small, but views second to none. good glades, recommend hittin this up on the weekend.

HEAVENLY-for some reason, i have trouble having a good time there, but i've only hit it up a couple times, so i can't really comment too much. absolute zoo on the weekends.

SQUAW-unbelievable terrain. first class. employees could use some work, but they're there to rip it. can't really blame 'em.

Hope this helps, HAVE FUN!
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Ssssshhhhhhh!!!!! Will you guys quit talking about Homewood! For cryin' out loud, I've gone there 4 days after a storm and still found fresh tracks -- that just does not happen in Tahoe!
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