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Atomic race stock "blue" bases

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Forgive my ignorance, but here goes...

I picked up a pair of race stock 9.16s (flex markings still on tail) to use as trainers/camp skis instead of my usual race stock 9.16s. These new ones were described to me as having a blue base, but I can't see a difference between them and my other 9.16s. The only place I see a slightly blue tint is near the tips in the "black" parts of the checkerboard and writing. Is this what they mean, or does a blue base mean something else.

Also, what's the real difference between the bases on a SL9 and those on a SL11? Is the WC Racing base really significantly different from the UHMW Electra Graphite? I have a pair of SL11s on the way, and I just noticed they used a different base.

Just wondering for curiosity's sake- I'm equally slow on every type of ski base.
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bump - cause I'm wondering the same thing.
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If you place a blue Atomic base next to a regular black Atomic base, then the blue tint is very obvious. (Otherwise, you might not notice it.) As for what the difference is (besides color), I have no idea.
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Thanks for the info, Jonathan. I'll have to place them side-by side with my 10.22s to see if there's a difference. As it was, I was comparing two race stock skis to one another, and hoping to see the blue tint in one or the other.

Any idea about the new SL11 bases? The tech manual didn't really give much information, and I though it would be a good bit of trivia to pass on during lift rides with my fellow gear whore Masters.
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No idea on the SL:11 base, but once we start training in January I'll compare the bases on the SL:11 from one of my racers with my own to see if there's any obvious differences.
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Ok guys,

Here is the scoop. The Blue base, which is covered by a somewhat clear final base is a much harder base material than the store stock skis and is almost impossible to repair with a glring patch.

My son & I have 11.12's , His race stock my not. I can see no differenc in them this year color wise. although they may have a different material. The flex is different on the store stock vs. Race pro-stock vs. World cup(which is almost impossible to get from Atomic unless you have very, very low race points)

Over & out!

PS I 3 pair of Race Stock 9.12 160's for sale (last years). One pair has never been freeskied, has only 6 1 minute race runs!

If your interested email me at VOLKLMAN@aol.com
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The Blue base (which I have never seen) is a colder weather base from what I have been told. That would seem to go with the idea that it is a harder base as well.

I knew some east coast'ers who had the blue based At's for slalom.
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Thanks for the info. After looking at my two pairs of race stock 9.16s vs my shop stock 10.22s, the blue tint was a little more obvious.

The different base in this year's race skis I was referring to was the SL9's UHMW Electra Graphite base vs the SL11's WC Racing base. I wonder if it's similar last year's race stock base?
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