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occured to me when i posted about boyne...i'm also going to be in central OH in the next week or so (i'm a college student, i'm all over the place...) and was thinking about heading eastwards towards WV, PA, or NY. who has (or potentially will have) good snow? i've been to snowshoe, but it's only a distant memory..i think i was 13. what's an area worth the drive? has to be 8 hours or under from central OH.
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Come and try Perfect North Slopes, Lawrenceburg, Indiana. It's about 20 miles from Cincinnati. Should be about 2 hours from central Ohio. 400' vertical and snow making to challenge the Boynes.

Opening Dec. 26th. Check their web site at www.perfectnorth.com

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somehow, all my friends are snowboarders. i'll check it out sometime though -- looks like a nice enough place.
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