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colorado ski trip location

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My family is taking a ski trip in early to mid January. Where should we go? We have people of skill levels from intermediate to expert. Any insight or tips would be greatly appreciated.
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now, the hardcores will say to go to vail; because its the biggest and the best; and it is; but i would say to go to breckenridge. it definitely looks the best around the holidays w/ shops, restaurants, etc. all within walking.

what makes breck the best is, in addition its natural ski-town charm; is you can take the free bus to keystone(w/ nite skiing) and abasin, ski both of those on the same ticket.
i also believe in january, you can catch a bus to copper and vail, too; and you can ski vail on the same ticket.

only tahoe has resorts so close together and you cant ski them on the same ticket.
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That is a really broad request. If you have specifics about costs, size of terrain, crowds, apes ski,etc.,etc., I am sure there are plenty of people here who can help you with your planning.

Two things you might want to take into consideration for that time of year are:

1.) Crowds: Early January sounds like a fairly slow time of the season. -- Please be aware there are no really slow weekends(Fri,Sat,Sun,Mon) in the I-70 corridor. If there is good snow and people can get there, you will have a lot of other people on the slopes with you. Those resorts include Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mtn., and Winter Park. The crowds also spill into Vail if the snow is good. They are all big mountains, but can get really congested in the base areas.

2.) Snow: Early season snow can be a challenge in any given year. The early season snow champ in Colorado could probably be considered Wolf Creek. They benefit from several weather phenomena, while others in the state might be in areas protected from some of those conditions. They also have a very high base. -- There are areas that try to help Mother Nature with the snow. Vail and Beaver Creek have tried cloud seeding in past years, and I think Durango tried it also. In a low snow year, it can make a difference. Snowmaking is utilized at most ski areas, but that will be on terrain focused toward the lower skill ranges of your group.

If you have specific questions, I am sure there are locals from most every area in the state on this site.
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