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Eldora pros and cons

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I may get a chance to visit Eldora for a day or two around xmas 2003 with a mixed group of lower intermediate to advanced skiers/boarders. What are the pros and cons of the place? Any good tips for a visitor? Is the commute from Boulder usually manageable? Thanks
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It is a pretty drive up Boulder Canyon up to Eldora. Usually traffic isn't a big deal. You can take the bus from the Boulder RTD station up there. I think it's the N route. It will drop you off right in front of the daylodge. This is a good option if you are into apres-ski. If you drive I would take in some of the local flavor in Nederland esp. during Frozen Dead Guy Days.

Eldora is big enough for a few days of skiing. Corona Bowl is nice. The big drawback to Eldora is the wind. Every time I go there I am practically blown off/down the mountain. The jet stream hits the local 14-teeners and just howls up there. It can be icy sometimes too. They do have a wonderful X-country center with ski and snowshoe rentals. They have a nice trail system. Check it out and have fun.
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