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info and distances in utah

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hi all. i am going to be in utah in 2 weeks, and i am trying to figure out the logistics of where to ski and stay... most importantly, i am cheap!!! so i am hoping to stay w/ a friend in provo, and cruise back and forth day to day to snowbird/alta, maybe park city(?)... how far of a drive is this? i am really hoping to not have to pay for a room anywhere...

my next question, then, is if i have access to a friends westy-bus, how are the parking lots? conducive to ski bums hanging out and camping in the lots for a couple of nights?

also, i heard (here i think) that you can get discounted tics for some resorts if you buy 2L of pepsi in the grocery store? (oh, the irony) any word on this, or other discount tics?

and last but not least, how are the elusive conditions currently in utah?

thanks for the info. ski on...
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Howdie, Howder,
One thing I discovered while I hung around un Utah after the Academy & Gathering was that you can get a ski bus from SLC up to Snowbird and Alta or Brighton and that other place we do not mention , cost is $5 for the round trip, you get dropped off at the resort base, and don't need to worry about parking. They run from about 7am until around 6pm, so could be a possibility for transport.
If you're wanting to save money, don't go to Park City. Apart from the longer drive to it, it is a lot more expensive for a lift ticket. If you do end up there, I'd recommend the Pig Pen Saloon for beers - $2.50 a pint when I was there. It's beside the ice rink at the base.
If you're in Alta, go to Goldminer's Daughter. Briana, Courtney and Jess are good craic behind the bar, but Trainer can be a bit much.

That's my tips so far!

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...should have added:
for info on the bus routes, etc

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hiiidy-ho there WTFH...thanks for the info. the website is great, good to know about the bus system, don't think we have one of those, at least not as extensive.

If you're wanting to save money, don't go to Park City. Apart from the longer drive to it, it is a lot more expensive for a lift ticket.
... okay, i'll heed this advice, no need to be paying more, when there are soo many cheap beers to be had. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

bytheby, have you been to solitude?

keep your tips up! cheers.
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Originally posted by howderpound:
bytheby, have you been to solitude?
Solitude rocks! I highly recomend it. I would goto Solitude before Brighton, personally. Alta is still the best, but solitude is great. Go hit up honeycomb canyon.
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The resort you have referred to is the resort I was talking about when I called it:

Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
that other place we do not mention
It may be a good ski area. Many of its employees may be very decent human beings. But certain people high up in it decided to dump on the Academy from a very great height after initially agreeing to take us on, they decided to drop us. If my business wasn't good enough for them then, it never will be good enough.
And that is a summary of why I didn't recommend it!


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Since you will be staying in Provo ( other wise known as Happy Valley) the closest ski Mountain is Sundance. it's a small mountain but can be fun. Check Smitixs for discount lift tickets to all resorts in Utah. Also check with Canyon Sports' REI, and some Gas Stations also sell Disdounted lift tickets. As for Drive times from Provo to Park City is a 45 min to 1 hour drive. It's a really nice drive up the Provo Canyon into the Heber Valley Then on to Park City. I would guess about 45 mins or more depending on tarffic to The Cottenwood canyon resorts. Keep in mind that comeing from Provo you will be going with the flow of commuter traffic toward Salt Lake City. Utah drivers have to be seen to be believed. Nobody uses turn signals. Tailgating tracker trailers are normal and evrone is talking on a cell phone while driving 75 MPH in bumper to bumper traffic. As for Camping in the Parking lots your best bet would be staying in a camp ground close to the resorts I think there is one in Sandy Utah close to the Cottenwood Canyons also There is a camp gound on The Jordnelle Reservoir. From There you can see the Deer Valley Gondola just the other side of Hwy 40 about 2 mins away. Skiing here is getting better we have had a couple of small storms move in and more due in the next few days.
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...THANKS for all the info so far all. would have replied sooner, but i've been skiing me arse off... or at least my toes, which are now bleeding from my boots. ah, well... what else can ya do... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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...i'm pickin up what your puttin down WTFH. i will mention 'it' no more [img]smile.gif[/img]

thanks for the scoop utah49...
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Another source of discount lift tix -- http://www.utahskigolf.com/main.htm -- several locations, including one at airport.
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Give a shout a little closer to your trip, I'm sure a few of us locals could show you some nice turns. I live in SLC, work in Provo, drives about 45 minutes, longer going north in the AM. I'd plan on about 1.5 hour drive city to resorts due to traffic.

Fox, Trainer's a good guy, but you drank him out of beer, and complained the entire time!

Have a good trip.

EDIT: Conditions are good! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Give a shout a little closer to your trip, I'm sure a few of us locals could show you some nice turns.
...will do, sounds like a good time, and nice to get the locals inside scoop... great to hear about the conditions, 'bout time.
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