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Snowmass-snow "base" question

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going in mid-december(only time our whole group can go)...we are decent intermediates and will stay away from blacks anyway...what kind of base in inches should give us some good(adequate) skiing at that time? do most of the blues(especially the big burn area) open up traditionally by then? thanks ahead!

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Glad to hear that you're coming to Snowmass. Yes the Burn should be, and most likely will be open by then. Besides it's been snowing here (Snowmass Village) most of the morning. So far the mountain is getting real good coverage for this early in the season. If this kind of snowfall continues through November then a large portion of the skiable acres will be ready. I think I skied Snowmass last year on or about the 16 th of December and the conditions were quite good, continued to ski it all year until the last day and only had a few icy spring days. There won't be much in the way of blacks that early unless we're real lucky....enjoy
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Ah the base....30" should do it but looking at the recent storm patterns and what El Nino could bring then we'll hope for lots more.
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