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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by gonzostrike:
Raubin, a different tack, and one that I think would be successful -

"You can continue taking your prescription while in Utah, but you must leave your own supply at home, and bring a written prescription to be filled by our pharmacies within Utah."

It's no different from Dean Milk. I don't think it has a compelling state interest in preventing better quality beer from making its way into the state.

A fair point. And, Dean Milk and the 21st Amendment did battle, so to speak, in Bacchus Imports Ltd. v. Dias, 468 U.S. 263, 273 (1984) with the Commerce Clause getting the better of the battle.

However, at least as it respects beer, Utah is a 3.2 state and I would imagine the state would argue that the 3.2 restriction is designed to reduce the "evils" of alcohol consumption - not to "home town" the industry. Given the other alcohol laws in place in Utah, it isn't hard to see the purpose of the law aimed at the "evils" and not the home-state brewers. I would imagine that most people cross the state line to buy beer because it is not 3.2 - and the argument probably goes that the stickers help identify the type of beer in some fashion.

As for whether they could exclude someone from bringing 3.2 beer, wine or liquor into the state - that's another question I suppose. I believe some courts have started to address that portion of the issue - in fact, I think there was a Texas case regarding wine shipping (commercial), but I don't recall the result offhand.

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Pulling up the Utah Department of Public Safety's web site, here's their take:

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Can I bring alcoholic beverages into Utah from another state?

No, with some exceptions. It is ILLEGAL to go to another state, purchase the booze and bring it back to Utah. It is ILLEGAL to receive alcoholic beverages through the US Postal service or any other courier service. The exceptions are listed below.

Utah code annotated 32a-12-212 states, "A person may not have or possess within this state any liquor unless authorized by this title or the rules of the commission, except that: (a) a person who clears United States Customs when entering this country may have or possess for personal consumption and not for sale or resale, a maximum amount of one liter of liquor purchased from without the United States; or (b) a person who moves his residence to this state from outside of this state may have or possess for personal consumption and not for sale or resale, any liquor previously purchased outside the state and brought into this state during the move, if: (i) the person first obtains department approval prior to moving the liquor into the state; (ii) the department affixes the official state label to the liquor; and (iii) the person pays the department a reasonable administrative handling fee as determined by the commission.


Clear as can be, don't ya think? :

I still think that the only reason we have these silly liquor laws in Utah is to scare off the riff-raff anyway!
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Are you talking to me?
I mean I don't see any one else saying they wouldn't go to Utah cause of the beer laws.
I guess he must be talking to me!

Hey Gonzo/Raubin which one of the two of you could get me the most money out of sphrrt for calling me riff-raff?
I mean, think of the emotional scars, think of the humility. I'll never be able to ski with the Bears. I'd be too embarrassed.
Me - riff-raff. Never.

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You guys think that the liquor laws suck? Try getting some porn, you have to go talk to some guy named Bob in Salt Lake City!
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Hey AltaSkier,
Haven't you heard of a thing called the Internet - I hear they have it on computers now.

Or is there an automatic anti-porn filter on all Internet connections in Utah?

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Whats the internet? Please explain...
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I don't personally have a definition of "riff-raff", I guess I'll have to check because I'm sure there's some formal wording somewhere in the state code.

Until then, come on over, I'm sure we could find you something tolerable to consume beer-wise!
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Why do I feel like I'm branded an alcoholic.

Oh, yes, maybe it's cause many of my posts are about beer.

Mmm. Beer.

OK, maybe I'll try Utah sometime. Just have to find some way of getting there & staying there without being ripped off.

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According to "The American Heritage College Dictionary"

Riff-raff (rif’raf’) n. 1. People regarded as disreputable or worthless. 2. Rubbish; trash.

According to Utah state law: Me, cuz I'm packin' my suitcase full of wonderful Pac'NW wines..........8 days and counting.......
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How about a Bears Beers forum?

And maybe we could organise some tasting sessions. Or brewery tours. Maybe we could ask Brent from Bud.

I'm starting to get ideas here.

OK, we need a designated driver. Any volunteers?

Next we need a plan.
I suggest we do it by country then state and finally ski area.

I'm due to retire in 33 years, if I go the full stretch, so that should be long enough to get this thought through sensibly and planned. Hopefully by then doctors will be able to replace livers and have you drinking again in under 3 hours.

Anyone else up for it?

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Count me in for a designated driver!

No, I am not volunteering to do it, I am volunteering to get a ride home!

Snack, rumors are starting to fly that our lack of storms is coming to an end next week, should start snowing again! My quads are burning just thinking about it!

So let me get this straight, we are planning a world wide, beer drinking festival to see which ski area has the best beer? Hummm... I'm in!

I like Taquitos...
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I just had a thought...

Any of you Bears got a private jet, and would like to be our designated pilot?
So far there are only two passengers. (And room for a couple of crates of beer for when we get to Utah or Iran)

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OK. The beer thing seems, well...we now know it is sort of illegal to bring beer to Utah but maybe not; one can buy and drink good beer in Utah; the Irish are alcholic riff-raff; the skiing is good AND you can get liquored up on microbrew afterwards; zima sucks; coors is good; fat tire is overrated; smoky and the bandit is one fine film...

Next question: anyone in Utah want to trade for cigarettes? I can make a stop over at Smog Land and...
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Nice summary!

Of course I don't partake of those smelly coffin nails so I'll politely back out of this discussion at this juncture. Whoops, was that the door smacking me in this a$$?! :
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