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10ex vs bigstix 84

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I need a deep snow/crud ski this year and pretty much have it narrowed down to the Fischer or the Atomic. Anyone who has acutally skied both here? I cant find a place nearby to demo...

Suggestions on size would be great too. I am 5'11" 175lbs. Atomic--186, 191 or 198? Fischer 186 or 191?

Are they fat enough or should I look at Sugar Daddy (99mm waist) or Bigstix 106?

I ski mostly in the NW pea soup. Almost always off the groomed. I ski fast and well but am 38 so sometimes it is nice if a ski has a big sweet spot for those afternoons where my legs are tired.

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Check out www.footoosesports.com They have some comparative information on both Fischer and Atomic models that might prove helpful.

Oops! Mispelling of link mentioned below has now been corrected.

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Thanks, that was helpful (link is mispelled though).

It is interesting that they think the bigstix 84 is not heavy or damp and the magazine tests say it is...

I think the imput on the 10ex length is helpful too.

I wish I could ski both. The review of the 106 is also interesting...
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Magazine gear reviews are generally best suited for assisting potential buyers in deciding which models have the most Rad graphics. There are a number of threads on the subject of the magazine reviews on this Forum. IMHO Footloose Sports has proven pretty reliable for the brands and models that they carry.
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Deciding between high quality skis like those is like deciding whether you want a Ferrari or Lamborghini - you simply can't go wrong with either...
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You'll want the Big Stix in a 191 for sure. The 186s are for light weight skiers. If you want the Fischer in a rail, then opt for the 196. The 191 is very sweet. I'm 160lbs, 6'0", Level 10. I absolutely loved the Big Stix in a 191 from the first run I skied on it. The thing is versitile as can be.

I prefer it overwhelmingly over everything that I've skied: the Head Monster Cross, Stockli Asteroid, various Volants, Fischer Alltrax 74, Atomic Deep Powder, Atomic Heliguide.

Hope this helps.
- Paul

btw: The Big Stix is pretty light for its size. No metal. Dumb ass ski test techs probably put a 30lb gimmick binding on it.

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Actually Paul, the Bigstix 84 does have titanium in it (integrated w/ the aircarbon).

Also, how is the edge grip on the 84?

Merry Christmas
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