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Cheap Jay Peak Area Lodging

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Any recomendations for cheap Jay Peak area lodging? I don't mind driving say 1/2 hour or so.This is a solo trip, so no luxury is needed. I'm coming from Upstate NY, so west fo Jay would be preferable. Thanks!
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There is nothing really close. Do a search in yellow pages on yahoo for motels - looks like there is a few within 15 miles radius.
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Check out the Super 8 in Newport:

The hotel is actually in Derby, just outside of Newport, but it is about a 25 minute drive to Jay, and I got a AAA rate of about $45 during the weekend there.
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Grampa Grunts(honest)Don't know where it is though.
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Thanks everyone! I'm staying in Plattsburgh tomorrow nite and at the Super 8 in Derby on Sunday nite. I'm a first timer at Jay ,so I'm looking forward to it. I'm planning on Sugarbush on Tues and Wed(I've got a couple of free tickets to use up)
PS- If you do a search on Yahoo, Grampa Grunts will come up.
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Grampa Grunts is a nice place, i stayed there earlier this year. very 'college crowd' oriented.

$20 and within 10 minutes of jay.
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