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Skiing in Oz?

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My in-laws live in Melbourne Australia and I was wondering if there are any good ski areas for us to visit when we are down there. This would be for my wife and I as well as our 8year old daughter -- all of whom are solid intermediate skiiers. I am looking for a place that would be considered either an exceptional local mountain or destination resort -- in other words, not just some hill to slide down, but a place that is really worth the effort to get to.

If there aren't any decent mountains close by, how far would I have to travel? As far as New Zealand?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Mt Buller, Mt Hotham & Falls Creek are all within half a days drive from Melbourne. August is the best month. These three are small resorts by world standards but if the snow is good you will get some excellent skiing in. The vert is not there but for intermediates there is plenty of terrain to be skied. Hotham also has some excellent short chutes off the top and skiing the gum trees is a blast (in good snow). All are destination resorts with the full range of accomodation and facilities available. Keep an eye on the weather before you head up as it can get pretty blizzardy and\or wet at times.

Hotham Buller Falls Creek

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Yes, the Victorian Alps are well worth skiing. It won't be like the US, it's definitely different, but enjoyable none the less. Take a camera! and watch the weather...imagine heavy rain that's NOT freezing, just *wet*.
And you have to try a bit of trees, so different from tree skiing in the US. I actually preffer it.
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Thanks for the feedback!

I don't know if I'll be getting out there this year, but I am in full daydream mode and am considering all possibilities. A ski trip would sure take the edge off an extended trip with the in-laws...
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Mt Buller is about 3 hours drive from Melbourne, Hotham and Falls are at least an hour longer. But generally have better snow, from what I hear. If you are in Sydney, go to Perisher.
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