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Homewood - Tahoe

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G'day Brombleburger,

Great to hear your making the track across the Pacific for some real skiing....you'll have a blast ! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi.....ooops sorry, I'm gettin a bit homesick....

Why don't you check out the following:

1st Annual EpicSki / Barking Bears Gathering around the weekend of February 24-25th with spillover activities occuring the following Monday, the 26th.

Dates: Feb. 24-26, 2001
Location: Squaw Valley, CA

There are some posts under general forum with more details. Can't work out how to paste the link but it was back in mid Dec sometime.

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Your timing could not be better. Here is the thread about the gathering. E-mail AC he will fill you in. Hope to see you there. http://www.epic-ski.com/ubb/Forum2/HTML/000225.html


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Homewood - Tahoe


The whole family is heading to Tahoe from 23 Feb for a month and we would appeciate any information on the area.

We've scooped mid-week season passes for Homewood for a ridiculously low price by buying them over the internet in October.

I'm interested in finding some locals (skibums?) to show us around - will consider paying someone - or buying beers for someone to do a bit of guiding. Drop me an email if you are interested.

What's the scoop on "out of bounds" skiing in the states. Here in Aussie it's standard practice - In France they sometimes threaten to arrest you!

Fingers crossed for more snow!

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Thanks for the info on the 1st annual Barking Bear get together at Squaw.....

Will try very hard to get there... but we might be a bit jet-lagged!

Does anyone have any specific info about Homewood (skiing, out-of-bounds, nearby bars, nearby cheap and cheerful restaurants, good ski shops etc)?

Note: Much as I'd love to be a 20's something ski bum (again) I'm actually part of a family (2 boys - 7 and 4). Homewood looked good cause it seemed as if the whole family could ski the same hill - with one parent and the kids taking the easy way down and the other parent blasting off through the trees or taking a black before meeting up at the lift. Hopefully.... after being in the Homewood area for a month we can gain "local" status and find out about some of the secret places that exist in all resorts.

Cheers Mike
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Brombleburger, I'll send you info on the gathering, but the plan is not to ski Homewood. Homewood is a very small resort, though may have the best views of the lake (it is right on the edge of it). Not a bad place for a family as you said. Another good family option is Northstar -- bigger and more diverse, but still not aggressive terrain. For guiding services, join us at Squaw (or possibly Alpine Meadows). Anyway you go, it'll be a blast.

For out of bounds, you either hike or go to Alpine Meadows and hike along the ridge behind it. Skins and AT/Tele/trekker highly recommended. Go to a shop in Tahoe City (close to Homewood) called Alpenglow and ask for their bc skiing pamphlet for recommendations and maps to good bc areas (or meet up with us at least one of the evenings and I'll give you the scoop).

Close restaurants that are good - Fire Sign cafe, Sunnyside. Many more in nearby Tahoe City. Best bars in Tahoe City - Pete 'N Peters, Naughty Dog and Pier Street.

And as for gaining "local" status, that requires 10 years of residency and ownership of at least one dog...<FONT size="1">

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