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Mammoth--we are still skiing

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Memorial day weekend was epic. I was privileged to ski Fri to Monday inclusive. Days 57, 58, 59, and 60 for me. The mountain is planning to close on the 2nd unless we get even more new snow. Here's hoping!
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Welcome Dirt! (don't fergit to wipe yer feet!) On a serious note, I heard a SSer was in a horrific incident and is currently suffering a spinal cord injury...any news? Spinhelli?
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There is virtually no chance Mammoth will stay open to the public after June 2. The top still has tons of snow, but keeping unloading ramps going has been very expensive. Usually, they would run the Gondola, and ski from mid up, but this year they have about three weeks of maintenance to do before bike season. Oh well, I will keep earning them through June. 151 days and counting...
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Hey Robin - Yes, one of my friends had a crash that resulted in a broken neck. He is in the Washoe ICU, and is a quadrapalegic. He was skiing before work on Stump Alley, and hit a grooming rut. He double ejected, and flipped forward, landing on the back of his head and neck. I did not witness this crash, but heard he was not going super fast, and that the crash did not look that serious. Another instructor saw it from the chair, and radioed patrol, who arrived quickly. They had an ambulance waiting at the bottom of Stump, and rushed him to Mammoth Hospital, where he was helicoptered to Washoe. Everyone has been visiting him, and keeping him in thier prayers, but it's really tough. The whole SS is pretty freaked out. This was the second broken neck we had this year, fortunatly the first was not nearly as serious, and will be skiing again next winter.
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