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Should I stay at the Canyons?

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I'm a new poster here and would like some help.

I'm going in mid-december to Utah and plan on staying in the Park City area.

I'm a snowboarder, between the greens and blue level. Basically an advanced novice. Is the Canyons a good mountain for me?

If so, are the two resorts there literally at the base of the mountain? I.e. we can walk to the lifts?

I'm normally used to going to Whistler. Can someone compare what type of experience I should expect at the Canyons?

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The canyons are a good mountain but, somewhat limited for a beginning snowboarder. The novice areas are clustered together and shared with the ski schools. Staying at the base lodges in the Canyons is very accesible to the one gondola lift that takes everyone to the top of the mountain were the skiing begins. If you're not a strong skier/boarder you have to ride the Gondola down at the end of the day. I would favor Park City.
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We were out in Utah two years ago and stayed both in Park City and The Canyons.

Our experience was it was so ez to get around it didn't really matter WHERE you stayed. There is a free shuttle service that will take you to Deer Valley, Park City, and The Canyons and it runs fairly late at night, so transporation either to the mountain, or to town is ez.

While at the Canyons, we'd pick up our ski's at the overnight storage room, walk out the patio, down the steps and onto the line for the Gondola. It doesn'tt get much more convenient then that!

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