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I am looking for a new set of skis and was hoping I could get some advice. I am an expert skier everywhere and am looking for a ski that can do it all. I ski grooms very fast but spend most my time off the trail in tree runs and bowls or doing bumps. I ski double blacks most of the time and am more of a freestyle skier than anything else. I am finding that I am skiing off trail more and need a ski that is good through crud and can hold up on powder but is still fast. I guess my biggest problem is finding a ski that can compromise between being a great fast crud buster (REX?) and something that can do moguls well. My old skis were 195's but I expect to move down a few sizes. I am 6'2'' and weigh 150. I have demoed the crossmaxes, k2 axis xp and the atomic REX's and I have to say I liked the atomic REX's the best. I just wish they could turn a little quicker in the bumps. I demoed them in 184 and was thinking that maybe I need a ski in 177. I am actually wondering if the R11 would be the right ski for me and I may go up this weekend to demo it. I ski in tahoe almost exclusively but want a ski that I can take elsewhere and will last me for a long time. In response to other questions I saw asked of people trying to choose skis I find that my turns range from small (moguls) toe medium (backcountry) and long (grooms). I want to find the right balance between turning ability and crud busting without compromising the need for speed! Does anyone know about how the R11's might fit me and in what length and if the REX's would be dramatically different in a smaller length without compromising speed? Thanks you!
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Seems like your talking about haveing a one ski quiver. For me the perfect quiver would be the R:ex and the R:11 If I were told I could have only one ski It would be The R:11 I'm 5"8" and about 185 lbs. I skied the R:11 in a 170. It is a crud eating monster, good in bumps and is a speed demon in just about any condition. Ok so they aren't the best powder ski out there, then again niether is the wider R:ex. I have found that stiffer skis tend to dive in real powder. A softer flexing tip will tend to ride up in deeper snow. I look at it this way how many real Powder days a season do you really get? and if your skiing inbounds how many hours out of that powderday do you get to ski powder? on some Mountains it is chewed up crud by 1 PM. I'm a big fan of the R11 and think that for a skilled skier it maybe the best of all worlds. I have one other ski that I think you would like and that is the Fischer Bigstick 84 try it in a 180 it is better in bumps then the R:ex a just about as much fun as the R:ex for scary fast speeds in nasty conditions.
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